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  • SEARCH Command Issue

    As long as a character is passive, they can be investigated using the 'search <name>' command. Once investigated, it seems all(?) of their clothing and inventory items will appear for the searching character to see.

    From a roleplaying standpoint, this is awkward to say the least. Feedback from the playerbase would be grand! :-)

    AN EXAMPLE OF IT IN ACTION: I had an incident where one of my characters was searched with -zero- RP build-up (I suspect simply to see if she was passive) and then asked about an item in her sack. What was the problem? Her sack was closed. So am I to understand that what actually happened was said character walked up to mine and in the duration of the emit for the 'search xxxxx' command, this character opened her sack and pouch to peer into them and sift through the items and also lifted/pulled down her clothing to see what she was wearing under it?


    I almost wish this command had a 'y/n' choice pattern much like the soldiers at checkpoints. If not, then it should be restricted by non-law enforcers to only permit you to see outer clothing and -perhaps- contents in OPEN containers only.

    Just my .02.

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    This will sound more harsh than I mean it, but be careful who you go passive to. Yes, in that time they did search you fairly thoroughly. At least good enough to flip open your containers to peek inside and lift clothing to make sure nothing was obviously stashed. If your sack somehow had a locking mechanism that was closed I'd be more concerned. I'm sorry you seemed to have learned about this in this way. As for a consent prompt, in cases where your character could choose to be passive or not you do have that choice. You chose to be passive.

    As for "no RP build up" that doesn't mean there should be no RP consequences for something that could be seen as quite rude.


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      At least they didnít bind you up with rope, knock you down and loot you. Thatís what happens to passive people unfortunately.


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        As a player of multiple thieves who constantly had the issue of forgetting to un-passive after the last arrest, I second this notion. I'm also gonna try searching every female I can just to make things awkward.


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          I don't see any problem with the search command.
          TRproclaim power!

          Originally posted by Armataan
          Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
          Originally posted by Bucaria
          The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.