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Christmas Wish List, 2017

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  • Christmas Wish List, 2017

    Dear TEC Santa:

    My 2017 wish list is as follows:

    1. That the furniture shop begins stocking "an enormous oaken chest with bronze corners." This will be a massive container that hides in a room description, with the capacity of 2-3 wagons. It'll cost 25 talents. That way, people can actually use their inn rooms for living in, not just see a sea of loot on the floor all the time.

    2. A Christmas promo to give away your RPs at a tax of 10%.

    3. A sponsored contest to contribute to the TEC Wikidot, with the "top three contributors of the month" being awarded 500 Rps. Or, if #2 gets implemented, I'll give away RPs to host this.

    4. At least minor updates and fixes to the TEC website. A link to the unofficial TEC Wiki would be nice. Googling "TEC Play Now" generates a top link that is useless.

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    I would like more crafting skillsets. Weapons, armour and furniture!


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      Some type of storied event or two would be awesome.


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        Originally posted by VBaehr View Post
        Some type of storied event or two would be awesome.
        I'd love for those to be coupled with some sort of game-altering story arc. Examples:
        • The Cinerans change their tactics and start sending ships of soldiers to Blackvine, which becomes a war zone. Legio mobilizes the counter offense, while hunters/outdoors people scout to see how far the invasion has spread. BVG could re-resurrect and join in.
        • A little-traveled area of Iridine's harbor has a cave-in and collapses into the sewers. The Harbor Rats are worried this is some kind of attack on them, healers are worried about the return of the plague, problem reveals an infrastructure problem that needs player-funding to fix.
        • There's a flood in the coastal woods, washing away trees and changing the topography ... revealing a previously unknown ruin on the forest floor. Fighters are needed to explore the area, hunters/outdoors people to try to help rebuild, Nurturing Light comes to investigate the impact.
        • A building in Iridine is burned in a fire. Constables have to determine if this is a crime or an accident. Senate is investigating, giving patricians something to get involved with in terms of intrigue. Building is dangerous (cave-ins, falling ceilings), but can be explored by creative puzzle solvers (search for and then push a board to get into the next room).

        I realize all of these would require (some? much?) work but... this is a wish list, right?


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          What GM Tale Wants for Christmas:
          • Paid.

          Game Master Tale
          Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Creativity is putting tomatoes in a fruit salad to make mango salsa. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is actually a smoothie. Common Sense is knowing that no, ketchup is not a smoothie.


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            Who doesn't want to get paid to do actual work?


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              I'd like the game to be better, so that it attracts more players. Then it might have funds. I think I'm done posting for the year, cos putting words into posts explaining problems with this game also takes IRL time and effort.


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                A "Once in a decade" level snowstorm:

                Shiver outside unless by a fire draining fatigue slowly.

                Locks being outside freeze and require you to bash them a few good times before unlocking them.

                Fountains freeze

                Snowball fights

                Hardy barbarians from the high mountains decide to raid for food and supplies cause the hard winter.

                Extra tailor turn in quests for wool blankets and clothing.

                Turn in quests for woodsmen to bring in firewood or wild game cause ya's cold and food is more scarce.

                Make the entire month of Jan be "The Winter of 284-285" That everyone talks about for years and years.


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                  Aw, you made me post again, and so soon, Matt. I love the Mega Winter idea. Ideas like that is why I made this thread.


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                    Wish list Xmas 2017
                    Ice fishing event
                    Any of the Traevant story lines to continue (yeah i know im greedy for my group)
                    Something like hoplights to come back (cool gear, hard to fight, risk vs reward)
                    A decent sized event for all of types from role playing to combat to healers to tailors (an Iridine outpost needs clothes, healers, to fight off bad guy invaders, someone who strictly translates to organize different types of groups, working together, woodies for food/torches/fires)
                    Kered to get a catapult
                    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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                      Long range killing blow
                      Tal​​​​​​e to get paid so he can create weaponsmithing
                      Loggin​​​​​​g (As in tree logging for carpenters to use the wood)
                      Non com stat increases
                      A custom description for syden so hes not so ugly


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                        For the love of Ereal, a bridge between hunting and tailoring so I can do something with the thousands of pelts and hides I've hoarded over the years.


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                          Hmm...perhaps hunters could give pelts to someone in Stromheim for a small fee and wait a couple days (like having something mounted or stuffed) and it becomes leather "cloth" tailors can use to make clothes? Toss some dyes in there and maybe extra charge for modifers and you could make yer own Green supple deer leather. Different animals have different lengths. Like a bear could have two full lengths, and a rabbit could have a 1/4 of a length.

                          PS, I am not very tailoring saavy, so take size and basic mechanic assumptions with a grain of salt.


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                            there's a tanner in rock valley, already in place, so could make that functional... but no customization, so it'd be the pattern of the hide or fur in question, with the ability to modify things with rps aka item alterations.


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                              I like the idea of a story-arc that changes the fabric of TEC...

                              The Republic gets overthrown.
                              Monlon is Captured
                              A renaissance of sorts, no longer a single religion state.
                              something that changes what has been the status quo of TEC for all these years that will put people's characters into conflict
                              Tale responds from afar, "Decided to give out t-shirts to all the people I murder. Three so far. This way you can all say, "Tale murdered me! .....and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!!""