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Paywall Upon Logging In [Temp Solution]

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  • Paywall Upon Logging In [Temp Solution]

    New players and returning players will find themselves stuck at the "Your Account Has Expired Page" with no recourse but to pick a subscription package. For me, this loops whenever I log-in and hit the Play Now button. In order to get passed this, you must take the following steps:
    1. Bookmark these links for the client connection
      1. Orchil
      2. Large Java
      3. Small Java
      4. Zealotry
      5. Flash
      6. ActiveX
    2. Log-in As normal
    3. When you arrive at the Paywall, utilize the direct launch link to your client.
    4. Boom. In.

    My very first "I'm back before I take another year off" post is this. If nothing else I ever wished and hoped for gets fixed, please fix this to create a "OR Continue as a Free Account and Miss out on Awesome stuff" button on that Paywall page. Don't give new players or returning ones an excuse to simply give up and go play some macro smasher...
    Nothing much to say.

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    I believe what you're asking for already exists, except on the new orchil client, at least, it does for me. I only hit that paywall on orchil, though I haven't really tried anything other than flash in ages.
    If I'm wrong.... well... it works for flash.


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      It depends on the game. Grendel's, for example, never puts up the 'Actually I want to [PLAY] now and pay later.'. Requires you to go back to the main page and click play again. It may even be based on browser.

      I know it confuses me every single time I come back.


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        Once you are logged in it's just as simple as going to (or Grendel's or Marrach)


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          Originally posted by Raoul View Post
          Once you are logged in it's just as simple as going to (or Grendel's or Marrach)
          It should be even easier than that, I should be able to click some type of continue button and be past the paywall.
          Tale responds from afar, "Decided to give out t-shirts to all the people I murder. Three so far. This way you can all say, "Tale murdered me! .....and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!!""


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            Oh I agree Felisin. But until there is something in place, thats an option.