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    Honestly you guys should put me on the staff, I can learn to read and write any scripts / text...

    I will revamp the entire combat set.... and do this...

    Take staves, take each move and the damage it can possible put out....

    then, copy/paste the entire skill set, changing only the language output...

    whereas, pivot smash now becomes, swat and stab for other weapons....

    so that every weapon has the exact same skills with exact same possible damage output....

    Just with different expressions to be read for the players.....

    Triplebash damage becomes sidestrike damage with gladius, and the damage possible with 3 crits, becomes a 33% chance to land out of 2 other 33% chanced dmg crits.

    and I have created an entirely equal combat system.

    Basically, you just copy/paste 1 combat skill, and then change the words you read, but the exact same mechanics for each skill across the board.

    and now all combat is equal.


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      Originally posted by Syden View Post
      Don't worry Syden, I'm still bringing this IC! with my 30ranks subskils!


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        Originally posted by Felisin View Post
        I just test exactly where you said, I had a 1 success at ranks 75/20 in slice.

        Are you claiming that perception is the key trait in slicing success? I believe dexterity plays a much bigger role.
        I don't know how the mechanics work...

        I just know whereas I had 1 success, at a certain time in the day, at a certain location, I now have 82 success with cut and lift.


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          Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post
          "Be Careful what you wish for, you just might get it."

          Congratulations Yezrah7, you got exactly what you wished for, and now you regret it. Maybe this will encourage you to stop being a dink, and report bugs, instead of making outrageous demands of a staff that isn't paid.
          I never wished for pickpocketing success to be more difficult.... I only wished for benefits of taking the subskills past 20.

          I never wanted more jail time, or more palming to be a thief.

          So, no I did not get what I asked for..... not at all.

          I got coal because I've been an OOC/Forum nusiance and troll.


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            Honestly I don't know what the staff not being paid has to do with anything either....

            If you're going to be on the staff, you should work to make the game fun, because you like the game and enjoy it, and you want to create a game that you would like to play in.....

            You wouldn't have to pay me, and I wouldn't complain about making changes to add benefits for taking pickpocketing up, like fading more often, or never dropping a sack again, (unless it weighs over 100lbs or something, like that one guy suggested, I liked that idea....)

            If they're not paid, and they're on the staff, then they can hear my forum complaints and suggestions, and eat the meat, spit out the bones....

            pick what they like, and discard what they don't like....

            I didn't really make "Demands" i just made my opinions known of what I think would be cool and fun in the game.

            They can disregard them if they want, and the fact they aren't paid is no reason to complain.....

            I enjoy writing scripts. I feel accomplished when I finish. I would love to write things for TEC.... Give me some keys.

            I would keep pickpocketing the way it was, with only added benefits for going higher.

            I would add Alchemy and bring poison and disease potions and whetting on weapons. Muwahahahah

            I would make Tuchean's viable PVP.

            I would make bows totally viable 1 vs 1, go see Lars Anderson on youtube for proof that an archer could possibly own your face.... shoot you through the eyeball before you ever get close with your axe.... honestly; Lars Anderson could nearly kill 15 guys with a bow who started at 15foot distance before they got close enough to melee him.

            I would create rent horses to ride from Vetallun to Blackvine.... I've waited 18 years for that.

            I would create drovers that have hired servants that pull your fully loaded wagons from Rock Valley for you. (if nothing like that exists already)

            I would do basically what the GMs do.... But, for the PVP sector of TEC, and not for the "Create a Tuchean to be a drunkard!" people.

            Because, to me is a RIP OFF to only try to please the roleplaying people at the displeasure of the PVP people.

            You can make Tuchean's viable PVP, and the imagination people can still create a tuchean for the roleplay of a drunakrd all at the same... No reason to keep them as crap, when you could please both sides.

            I don't care if some races stay as non-combat races, like safelands, but Tucheans should be combat oriented, according to the post from Syden.

            I don't know how this game has existed 20 years and people have paid 30 dollars a month (some of them) ....

            and they never finished the things in the help files.....

            They still haven't done anything with metal affinity....

            they still haven't done anything with alchemy.....

            they still haven't made magic cool yet.... practically wasting the luminescent and focus traits.....

            I like the ORIGINAL CREATORS OF TEC and their ideas and vision...

            I dont like the people who think they're TEC Guru(s) and supposedly magic doesn't exist here.... and Tuchean's are only good for roleplaying non-combat roles...

            and herb lore and metal affinity only exists in the imagination.

            Oh and if I was a GM, I would create a Street Smarts subskill set, only available to Sostereans, and it's purely a combat ss skillset....

            like, highly reduced roundtime drop, when attacking out of hiding...

            Sap stun moves, only allowed once as you step out of hiding, giving a long enough stun to attack again, before the person can move.

            A knockdown move, done from hiding; that leaves the opponent down long enough to attack again before they stand....

            Things you dont want to happen....

            A two-attack skill, that you can swing twice before they realize what happened, out of hiding.....

            A group of guys coming out of hiding on you, could totally gang jump you....

            An entire sosterean hiding skillset, so Sostereans become viable. Purely for PVP. Not for pure-bred thieves....

            Oh, look. thanks to Alchemy, the Sosterean's have a blinding powder, they can blow in your face, out of hiding; giving you a reduced success for the next 7 swings.... CRAP! Better fight wary or defensive for awhile.... Oh no! FLICKFEINTED YOU!

            What's this? Combining ground approach with sosterean combat street smarts, they can get past someone's combat guard and assasinate a patrician... no problem!

            Better take Watcher's sense to 100+ to try to fend off these sosterean assasins!

            Cool, a new sosterean guild arose in Iridine, called the Assassins, who personally assist in all PKs in the game, for hire.

            Cool, new aspects added to the game to make some of the useless traits cooler!

            Weather prediction now gives archer's an innate ability to predict the strength of the wind, to shoot their arrows, instantly making wind gauging skill useless, perfect success in the wind. Training wind gauging, might add up to +15 in the wind, using it to help project your arrows.

            Enhanced hearing? Automatic lip reading ability, hearing the very touch of the tongue to the lips, and mouth.... and I can hear your footsteps from so far, that my "watch" ability can catch you from 3x the distance.

            What's this? Hunter's eye negates all negatives of long range shooting; but ranking up long range shot can give a +Bonus to longrange shots after that! rank 50 is equal to a steady aim, and rank 100 is equal to a parcine's battle cry. O.P. Just the way I like it!

            I got all kinds of ideas to make traits that no one ever chooses, actually chooseable.

            Packrat, you put more things into a sack, and the weight decreases also, because the way the weight in the sack is balanced on your back, it actually feels lighter. (being being lopsided, or heavy on one side, would make carrying more difficult)

            Vitality? Higher threshold before coma or death occurs? How useless... if someone or something keeps attacking after KO, this trait wont save you. period.... Instead, you have a 50% chance when killed, or comatosed, to automatically wake up.... but 77% chance when combined with LUCKY trait making your character a living cockroach.

            Lucky! not only do you get 1 luck point more for raising up the comatosed, useable once, but also! sometimes you get lucky when selling in shops, and teh shop keep thinks he got a antique item, when really it was a knockoff, and you got an extra talent for your bronze helmet. Also, you have an increased chance to CRIT KILL.

            I wish Skotos would give me a copy of TEC and put it on another server, and let me GM that baby.

            Masks in shop for 500 denars, open PK, no more wielding law, constables let people fight, unless someone says to the constable HELP! Then he gives a warning, before attacking. and things like this.... making TEC HC.

            That would be me GM'ing all alone in my fantasy world with no restraint

            There's so many traits in TEC no one chooses because they just plain suck....

            They need revampped and brought back to life.
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              The fact that you treat anyone with such massive disrespect, due to them being in a position of power in this game, when they're not even paid to put up with your bull, means that when you treat people like crap, you get treated like crap right back.
              The fact that they're volunteers, who are trying to help people have fun in this game, and people make stupid demands like you've been doing, then when you get what you ask for, you complain even more. You got exactly what you asked for, you didn't think nothing would change to make that possible did you? Of course things changed, just like when they changed outdoors cooking skill, people who used to be good at cooking, were suddenly crap, because of the kind of change you asked for in pickpocketting.

              Having everything the same, is not the same as balanced. If everything's the same, there's no point in having choice, since it's all the same. People pick two handed axes because it hurts more, but are penalized in it being slower, and less defensive. Balance is finding a way to have things be different, while not having one clear choice as the best for everyone, in every situation.


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                GMs just figured out why I had -12 success on my combat, it's because I had been stuck spooked during a reset....

                So that's good, they didn't nerf anything I thought they nerfed....

                And, that kind of work.... I appreciate, and I wish the GMs' were paid for....

                because that's hard work... trying to figure out why something is bugged.


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                  Damn son can you give us some tl;dr's for these rants?
                  Tale responds from afar, "Decided to give out t-shirts to all the people I murder. Three so far. This way you can all say, "Tale murdered me! .....and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!!""


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                    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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                      Sure is.123
                      There is no point in arguing with an idiot. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.

                      Did you vote today?

                      I can't spell. Don't you RP with me!