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I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
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  • Ironclaw will (hopefully) be going down to tune its performance
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My Official Final Complaint.

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  • My Official Final Complaint.

    Honestly, most of TEC is pretty good. A lot of changes I don't like but I really don't care either, I can live with them.

    I would prefer to stop fixing stuff, and rather than fixing stuff, like the PP i was complaining about...

    ADD SOME NEW STUFF. And this is my greatest complaint...

    It's been 20+ years of nothing done with metal affinity, and there's so many things in the HELP Files, that are cool, like Alchemy for example.

    I thought alchemy sounded great. Then, having an iron gut, and natural resistance being a Tuchean would become hot topic. Everybody would want a Tuchean...

    Imagine getting the poison from subteranean sea serpents and putting it on your weapons (not allowed in colosseum fights if you prefer, you could make those rules, but hey whatever)

    It would be sweet to have that poison added to your blades, thanks to alchemy. Making everybody want a Tuchean, because they have natural resistance, and with the other trait that helps with poison resistance, you could become practically immune, and in pvp life threatening situations; that would be a life saver and battle changer.

    I would like to see New stuff, rather than fixing old stuff that works pretty well anyways, and I can live with it...

    Metal affinity would be cool, but alchemy would be cooler imo....

    Think about a thief skill, where if you're hidden, someone orders a drink, and you have a roll succes chance to drop it into their drunk unseen.... It could leave them unconscious even.. but use of the drug could have a high price on it, like... even death penalty.

    If not unconcious, then let it cause them to not be able to stand up for a time, paralyzed but awake... so atleast they could think for help...

    But dropping poison in drinks as a thief skill would be sweet for the guild.

    Alchemy has all kinds of great benefits... Check it out; drinks that increase fatigue recovery. Thank Ereal! Less time spent laying down in a tent waiting to have fun again! Less down -bore- time .

    Check it out! An alchemy drink that works like that rock candy; but no negative side effects. Speed up! Dex up! W/e....

    I dunno what else is there that could be added to the game, new that would be fun?

    You can post your points below, but my big complaint is, that there's things in the HELP FILES for TEC< that actually never existed in TEC< and should exist in TEC to BLESS THE ORIGINAL CREATORS INTENT!

    OH.. that means more magic as well I think. FOCUS? Come on now.

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    Of all the things I can think of.... I vote Alchemy first, and yes I want the poison from subteranean sea serpents on my dagger, or sword, or on my arrows....

    Yea, it will suck for everyone in the game without natural resistance or the other trait...

    and I don't have a character with that trait, but would not notice please, that Tucheans.. don't exist in the game?

    Parcines, Iridinnians, Cinerans and Altene are all great.. Gadene is cool if you like a thief, with a smooth tongue who can dodge.... Aestiva is ok if you want to be an outdoorsman, which I've never played one ever.... and still dont want to...

    Remath is cool, i can't complain about em... if your Zearia.

    But Windward totally sucks because of a wasted trait.. Windard is dead.
    And Tuchea sucks because no one cares about poison resistance.... Tuchea is dead.


    OH WAIT! The suck.... just went away, with Alchemy poison resistance potions, that if you drink once a day, it keeps the poison effects away!

    So if you drink one in a day, for 24 hours or w/e you have resistance to that poison.

    Drinking one after being shot or hit with that poison though, wont save you. You got to have drank it.... even.... 5 minutes prior!

    That potion almost killed tuchean's arising again, except only a Tuchean, can resist the poison, of an ambush... where you weren't expecting to be attacked with poisons.

    I would like the poison resistance potions to be.... pretty much, too expensive to get for drinking everyday.... because of how much RL play time it would require to get ingredients through foraging....

    but, something that people could drink, before they know they're going on a hit... something like that.

    This way, new characters as Tuchean's will arise.

    Oh, but make the poison of subteranean sea serpents, relatively cheap and available to all people, to use on their weapons. MUWAHAHAHAH Tuchean's arise!


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      Alchemy.... they created balms to give to healers, to help your slashed wounds heal faster! WOOT!


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        In all this alchemy craze, let's not leave behind the Acolytes.... let their healing magic be pretty cool too.


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          Dude! this sucks! this very powerful, 50t alchemy potion, which took the maker of it, the same time as it would take to get the coin for a superior boison gladius, from franlius, plus the armbands!!!

          slowed my round time down, to 8secs! and i have outstanding speed! Crap!

          Oh no! worse! My Oustanding Agility, just became Abysmal from another likewise potion, worth 120T


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            what the crap is this magic from acolytes now? they cast it and it gives you natural resistance to ward of poisons, but lasts only 45 mins in game. Hope you have an acolyte near you all the time! Never know when a poisonous foe of foes my jump you!

            hmm that acolyte idea will make the expensive poison resistance potion useless... not at all...

            because the poison resistance potion will be desired by the evil guys trying to attack good guys, expecting their blades to be whet with poison drip, because it's the latest fashion.

            and, good luck saying to the acolyte, "hey i'm about to do a hit.... give me that spell" though if you're a constable, that kind of two-sided shady stuff is right up your alley.


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              Just pick the good stuff, spit out the bad.... raise up a use for Tuchea, and I'll be glad.


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                oh and one more thing, i gotta complain about... I want more crit language with basic glads... stab, jab, and shadowthrust...

                I am tired of seeing the same couple of crits everytime..... you know that could be done in like... 10 minutes?

                go create a couple of new crits for basic gladius stab, jab, and shadow thrust..

                Copy/paste all the mechanics of one of the crits, and just edit and give new words to explain something else happening... I got bored with glads because of the crap crits...

                Knives and whips rule...... i wish all weapons were taht cool.


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                  a want to see more blood..... spurting, gushing, squirting, flinging threw the air as I withdraw my blade.... something cool with blood and guts.


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                    Are you Trump in disguise? This post is like the monologue of a crazy man bro
                    Tale responds from afar, "Decided to give out t-shirts to all the people I murder. Three so far. This way you can all say, "Tale murdered me! .....and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!!""


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                      Lol... Yea I began to have my own "balancing" problems as I added ideas... like, Yes, let's make Alchemy to give Tuchean's and iron gut a reason to exist..... But then you want to help the acolytes not be boring thanks to alchemy; and at the same time dont' want to kill the rise of Tuchean's with the rise of antidotal medicines and magics...

                      so that's what created the somewhat schizophrenic monlogue of me making up things, then making up something else which ruined the balance of raising up Tuchean's so i had to add other things..

                      But the main jist of the idea was... imagination.

                      Just imagine what you can do, or where you could go, with Alchemy.


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                        Tucheans already have a reason to exist... drunks. And various things in the game that they can consume without getting sick that anyone else can't.


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                          Archmagi... not everyone lives in your spongebob squarepants "roleplaying is fun" gameworld..

                          some people care about combat usage.... and in regards to combat...

                          They've got 2 useless trait slots wasted.

                          I dont give a dookie about how much beer they can drink, or if they can eat undercooked meat.

                          Tucheans (in regards to combat effectiveness) are useless.

                          They need to be put on par and equal with Cinera, Iridine, Parcines, Altene.... by making their poison / disease resistance, useful in combat situations....

                          Then someone might actually make a Tuchean.

                          I don't know anyone who ever created a Tuchean to play long term just to win in drinking... or because they couldn't wait to walk to a shop to buy cooked food.

                          why do you try me with your horrible persuasions....

                          Archmagi... when you want to interact with my alternate reality; clearly alternate to your reality....

                          you have to talk to me in combat language...

                          I don't care about your fantasy land....

                          Right now as it stands.... Tuchean resistance is about as useful as....

                          Absolute Time Sense.

                          Like, Aestivan shelter building trait... that can be actually somewhat useful... but Tuchean resistance is useless after enough ranks to dodge serpents.

                          I want to see it useful in combat situations, in a way that brings Tucheans to life.


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                            You clearly do not make sense to your own arguments. You are wishing to force every race into the mindset of a combat character, when some of them are typically used for other roleplays. Additionally, no one is stopping you from training those characters from those different lands as a combat character and breaking the mold.

                            You are making the argument that you wish for most characters to eventually end up end game. I will gladly tell you that it does not matter where your character is from. They all will be able to handle end game top tier combat PVE. If you are only concerned about PVP, then you chose which place will best suit your RP and enjoyment factor.

                            Going on your vague rants that make about as much sense as a drunk on a tuesday are starting to get old and troubling. This game will not yield to just your wishes because you feel entitled to be able to put in minimum amount of time into your character, and you want to kill characters such as Felisin, Ciaran, or Syden.


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                              I never said I want to kill those players. They might quit TEC if I did that and TEC is small enough and I have no IC reasons to do it. I don't want to loot their gear either. I do want to take a few rank 100-200 chars and give them an adrenaline rush fighting for their lives though. If I ever got a group of my newbs to attack one of them... We won't do anything to make them unhappy
                              ​​​Just recovery time in cold baths and lost gold from their sacks.

                              ​​​​Ok, now that that is out of the way....

                              1st) I'm not complaining that Tuchean's are crap for PVP due to their 2 useless traits that take up 2 positives in their trait slots, neither am I complaining that they're not good at PVP for this reason, seeing as Safelands, and Sostereans, Windward, and Aestivans, and Remathians, are also not good for top teir pvp for the same reason.

                              You're beating up a straw man here, saying that I'm trying to force Tucheans to be PVP, when I'm not really trying to do that.....

                              There's another way to go about making Tuchean's resistance, worthwhile.... and bringing Tuchean's to life.

                              You could make diseases more rampant, and even store bought food sometimes make people sick, and that would make people want to play Tucheans.... when getting sick begins to feel like having a broken bone on your training.... Tuchean's will be popular, and the iron gut trait.

                              But, of these two options...

                              A) Create an alchemy skillset to go with the helpfiles, and original creator of TEC's intent, and allow for poisons to be dropped in drinks by thieves, or to have your weapons whet with diseases, or poisons, to make Tuchean's a viable and popular pvp option...

                              or b) Make more foods make you sick and diseases more rampant for everyone to bring Tuchean's to a popular level.

                              Of these two, I'm simply cheering for the PVP option.

                              As it stands, Windwards and Tuchean's are super dead. I would like to see metal affinity be worth something, and I'd like to see Tuchan's resistance be worth something.

                              But I think having PVP poisons and diseases put on weapons, would be epic... tons of fun, and make Tuchean's quite popular... even equal with Cinerans, Altenes, Parcines and Iridinians.

                              Iridinians are just a good choice, because you might actually get to live through a trial... after having been a bandit for awhile.... and get sent to RV or the steps or something.

                              But yea, Tuchean's and Windward's traits.... stink, and windward is worse....

                              but Tuchean's being useful for PVP due to poison used by thieves and alchemist who can put poison on weapons...... would be a lot of fun.
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