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    Originally posted by yezrah7 View Post

    What can it be used with?

    And if it can be used as you say, then I believe there are reasons to be luminescent, but still...

    lots of useless traits still exist that could be revamped and made more useful.
    gotta find that out ig but, yeah it can be really useful for certain things

    and to add, yeah ive made a bunch of characters over the years with crap traits for the fun of it. even made a safelander or 2
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    Originally Posted by urek23
    Rules only apply to specific people, something everyone that plays will learn very shortly after they start.


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      Not all of it must be found out in game. Sometimes things like this just take a little effort, be that out of game or in. Both even helps!
      Please see:
      This post regarding an in game item.
      This post regarding an addition to the game.
      This post regarding a couple items in the game.

      These were all found with just a cursory search on the public forums. Didn't even take much sleuthing. The wealth of things you can find out by formulating intelligible questions and approaching things with a non-combative stance is massive. Despite how the forums sometimes portray us, most of the players are actually quite happy to help with things. That doesn't include everything but I've yet to be completely denied even being pointed in the right direction. In fact, the vast majority of the time even people whose characters are played as quite harsh have been incredibly helpful.

      For those of you of the future who are reading search results flooded with nonsense, have faith.
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