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Most Effective Way to Train a New Character

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    Unless it changed, the ludus gives a SP bonus. So, if you're planning on working the stat skills like footwork, I would try your best to throw those ranks in while you're at the ludus. It goes by rank count. 250, 500, 750. Might as well make the most of it and learn the difficult/impossible skills while at the ludus.

    After that, you'll have no problem hunting in the vale/villa. Pod beetles have great armor and are easier to hit then some of the rats in the pits. Watch out for wasp in the villa, and gators in the vale.

    **This is knowledge I learned from 2+ years ago. Not sure if anything has changed.


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      Just be careful of the archers in the vale too. They pop out of nowhere.


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        Boy looking at this thread reminded me of how complicated this game can be sometimes. I just remember liking the Ludus until I couldn't use the weakest wing anymore, because the second wing starts to hurt... and I can't even do the third wing solo at all.

        Still. I do miss the early days of a character... being weak and getting to kick butt against those slaves, before the other NPCs hand me my head on a bronze platter.


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          I would like to argue that the old philosophy of training subskills evenly (10 to 30 to 50...) is lazy and wasteful. Further, training offensive and defensive stats evenly is doubly lazy and wasteful .

          I highly advise the original poster, asking about how maximize PvE training in humanoid hunting grounds, to stop being proactive in his training and just be responsive. Are your opponents rolling against 95's when they swing at you? Stop training defense! Then if you see an opponent's attack that's <95-to-hit, you know exactly what defensive subskill you should work on. Likewise, if you're rolling >5 on any attack in your rotation, *that's* what you need to train up. If all you see are 95's and 5's, then just save up SP til you're ready for the next hunting ground.

          When you know what hunting grounds you frequent, you can train your character just by looking at the numbers on your screen. I have a 3000 rank character that has 1 rank in leg dodge. Why? Because humanoid NPC's don't attack against leg dodge. Likewise I don't train jump because I'd rather be johnny-on-spot with a "stand" macro than train 100 ranks in a rolling rise.

          In Old TEC, only the alley's and the Colosseum looked at your character's total ranks when spawning opposing NPC's. The two newest hunting ground, the Ludus and Franlius, both take into account total combat ranks. Therefore I no longer "train evenly" and instead allocate my 1000, 2000, total combat ranks specifically for my specific hunting ground.

          Hope helps.


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            The thoughts in the above post by xiaozh are good.


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              Xiaozh, thanks for the insight on that. I had not considered that approach and it makes perfect sense. Also, my thanks to the contributors here who have helped me dig down a few forum rabbit holes and get a better grip on what direction to take.
              Nothing much to say.