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  • best armor layering

    Can anyone tell me what the best current armor layering is for max protection and no concern with weight? Trying to assemble a bit of a newbie guide for a friend that just started playing.

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    Last I checked this was one of those things you are suppose to figure out in-game (I may be wrong)

    Find some folks and start asking around

    Eventually you'll run into someone who knows something!
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      I haven't been able to test it since the squamata came out, but before that a hamata layered with leather was your best option if you could get your hands on a specialized waist guard. If not, a muscle cuirass layered with leather gave you slightly better protection. Nothing really protects you 100% against attacks, but you can give yourself a bit of resistance(lower hp loss) to some attacks. If they are just fighting NPCs, a lorica and some leather greaves is fine.


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        This does not provide a "max" armor build, but does talk about armor.