Downtime Report: Wednesday Night

We had an abrupt and unannounced downtime for all games and services starting sometime after 9pm PT on Wednesday evening. This was due to a massive power outage at our cloud computing facility of the sort that redundant systems are supposed to ensure never happen. After about an hour they were able to diagnose that the power was out. It took a few more hours for them to start restoring service.

At this moment, everything is back up except for Ironclaw and TEC. At the rate they're restoring things, I hope those will be back up in the next 15-30 minutes, but it's entirely in their hands.

As is typically the case with a sudden reboot, TEC and GR have to be rolled back. This is already done with GR. The TEC rollback should be just a few hours due to the more recent backups recently instituted, but I need to get the machine back before I can verify that.

Update: Ironclaw and TEC are now back too. The TEC rollback was 2.5 hours, from 9.30pm PT (when everything crashed) to 7.00 pm PT.
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Mental attributes and the library

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  • Mental attributes and the library

    Is there a way to improve mental attributes (charisma, memory, judgement, reasoning) in the library?
    Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.

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    no there is not. Charisma is a social attribute though, memory, judgement, and reasoning, can be improved randomly through actions that use those attributes. I do not believe there is any way at all to improve social attributes, charisma, empathy, and appearance.


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      That's unfortunate. I wonder if perhaps the library could be coded to let you maximize your mental stats. Given the limited use of those stats, it should likely be easier than the courses, but I could see a lot of value (and as a RP sink, perhaps a money sink as well).
      Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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        What kind of actions would help
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          Would like to see the following attributes have a similar super small chance of improving when doing the following:

          Charisma - Selling Things to Shopkeepers, buying expensive things, feed/pet/training dogs
          Appearance - Wearing different styles of wigs/hair, makeup, using soap, perfumes
          Judgement - Retreating/falling back, changing to a move defensive stance, leaving Belhrad's without a purchase
          Reasoning - Reading Books, learning languages
          Memory - Recalling anything, typing the command concentrate

          None of these are going to break the game if implemented I wouldn't think


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            mental stats help everything, I don't know why you think they don't.
            and stuff like tailoring, locksmithing, and healing sometimes raise mentals. I've even seen a gain doing some outdoors or hunting.


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              Not to mention the big one... Sp gain per success based on your reasoning. That difference is huge.
              Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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                Tale coded in a way to raise mental stats. It just has crazy side effects.