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    Also I really liked the stuff the GMNPC Hunter had, a satchel made from elephant skin etc etc.
    Originally posted by Arconn9
    First time I used Sabinus today, since my old main got Cuttongued. So was the IC event for his change; was it him getting hit in the head repeatedly by someone? Because I think he's a retard now.


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      An insignia shop would be cool. Not sure the mechanics of free text but you could register your insignia with the office and have it attached to certain items. Great way to get small groups recognized. "Oh the poop bandits are ones to be feared. The poop emoji on their cloaks strikes fear into the hearts of men."


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        A ceramic lantern shaped like a decapitated head

        You see a ceramic lantern with a looped handle on top and a round belly, roughly forming the shape of a human head. It has flammable looking coarse hair, rolled up eyes, bushy eyebrows, and jug ears. It has an exaggeratedly large open mouth, displaying rows of broken teeth, and a blackened inner cavity for lantern fuel.

        a cloak clasp forged into a black iron spider

        This cloak clasp is made out of black iron, and bears eight articulating legs that trap and cinch shut over a cloak. A clustered double row of bloodstones stud the head, depicting tiny, beady eyes.

        a waterskin shaped like a headless rat

        The body of this waterskin is a bit floppy, hollow of innards, and covered in shaggy, patchy fur. The head is missing, and instead, an oiled leather mouthpiece has been fitted to the flat cut neck.

        a black cathartes aura feather quill pen with a silver nib

        Thick black vanes splay from each side of a cathartes aura feather. It is stiff, and black throughout, with a diagonal tilt. The shaft has been sliced at an angle and fitted with a thinly slit silver nib.

        an oily carrion bird feather quill pen with a bronze nib

        The sharp black vanes are slightly grease, and strike out at a harsh angle from each side of the feather. The shaft is thick, and has been sliced at an angle and fitted with a thinly slit bronze nib.
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          Bandits drool.