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Brawling/Pankration questions related to strength

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  • Brawling/Pankration questions related to strength

    Trying to figure out if this is functioning like intended. When I created my character, he had high end below average strength. The other stats were good enough I figured that brawling/pankration gets benefit at high ranks do deal damage, so eventually he'd not suck. However, the armor restrictions with low strength meant the threshold for moderate/significant occurred right around 48 pounds. So, for a long time I've been trying to maintain that armor pound level. Then with the new stat release promotion this month, I bumped up another stat, and wound up making 32 total increases in strength (10 original potential, 22 purchased with RPs) bringing his strength up to 'above average'. I did this with the intention of hoping to see if it would do a minor bump in damage (it did, pretty minor but it's alright to notice an improvement there) AND to see if my character could carry more armor without being penalized.

    Well, despite the load shift of moderate/significant changing to somewhere up above 60 pounds, now it seems like if I go above 46 pounds I'm experiencing combat penalties as if I went above the original 48 pound limit. I thought shifting it to wearing about 56 pounds of armor, which was only 8 pounds more than the previous threshold at lower strength and still apparently well below the new threshold of moderate/significant, but it made a penalty of around 10 points to my to-hit on everything, and around a 40 point reduction on anything else trying to strike my character.

    So my question is, is there a hard cap of carrying capacity before combat penalties apply towards pankration/brawling regardless of strength? Am I misunderstanding and it's supposed to be that my armor limit is meant to be kept 'light' and not move into 'moderate' territory to not experience the penalty?

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    nope. Moderate load has zero impact on combat performance, significant or more does. Even with pankration. Your strength increase will help with damage, but so will skill. unless you're fighting the exact same thing, with the exact same skill, it's likely that you got better, so things you fought got better too, and there are those zones in skill training where suddenly everything is whupping you, and is harder to hit. NPCS don't play fair, they skip a lot of training over you, to give you room to grow. Such as gladiators, if you're the only one spawning them, if you move up a bit, and cross some threshold, the gladiators are suddenly a lot better than you, for awhile.


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      A GM responded. The particular critter I had been using for testing purposes prior to the upgrade on my character that I knew the successes of my attacks and their attacks against his defense has been changed significantly recently. I hadn't memorized the values for fighting other things due to the inconsistency of other factors that you've already brought up. I'll have to figure out a different way to test and control the environment in the near future.


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        Realized that I have no way to test this for myself, as I don't have "before" values for anything else that would've been consistent to test against. So I guess the only way TO test would be to find a creature that doesn't scale somewhere based on ranks, that also doesn't have a success 5/95 for me or it across the board, and then invest even more RPs and try again.

        I don't know how to vent this anywhere, but I have to say the end result of this month's spending money and using all my resources on stats comes across to me as a player as one FEWER hunting ground I can take my character to, instead of my initial hopes in that there would be one MORE place I could actually take him to in the gameworld. I'm unhappy with how this restricts my gameplay even more. I've had this character for six months now--at some point I really don't want to fight rats any more and actually want to go to other areas and fight other things.

        I get that there are a rather large amount of characters running around that have stupidly high ranks and stats, and would like something to do. I get that. But can we PLEASE have a little bit more for lowbies to midbies? And before anyone suggests the new hunting ground, my character lost 120 HP in about 45 seconds there, before he could drop a lantern or even throw a punch. That's not fun for me, and it's obviously not an option on the table.


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          dumps, franlius, bandits, vale, swamps, I'm sure there's more, but there's a ton of places to go hunting as a low-mid character. If you're having trouble, bring a friend, if you have no friends, make some friends.


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            Side question on Pankration. If I learn stance to 90, do I auto-assume it when attacking?
            Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.


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              I didn't test 90, I was told 91 by multiple people, and so I went to 91 as quickly as I could. It does auto assume stance when attacking or when it might trigger a block currently though.


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                Originally posted by Catuluscaesar View Post
                Side question on Pankration. If I learn stance to 90, do I auto-assume it when attacking?
                90 should be fine to auto assume blocking or attacking, remember only certain pankration moves require the stance, they're the only ones that can activate it.


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                  Originally posted by The_thief View Post

                  90 should be fine to auto assume blocking or attacking, remember only certain pankration moves require the stance, they're the only ones that can activate it.
                  90 is true, and 80 is the quick assume manually.

                  You move toward a practice dummy.
                  You stop next to it.
                  You swiftly assume the Pankration Basic Stance.
                  [Success: 5, Roll: 17] You lean into your forward shoulder, striking at a practice dummy rapidly with your lead palm. It suffers a minor hit to its left shoulder.
                  You are no longer busy.
                  Even lead palm, which doesn't require the stance, will trigger the stance. When stances were added for spears and such I think it was Japes that said moves that benefit from a stance will trigger it if you have the ranks. It's too late for me to search for the post. Note, the stance benefit thing works (80% certainty) for moves of a skill that benefit from the stance of another skill, triggering the immediate stance reaction.


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                    91 in any stance is for instant manual, ie, ZERO round time. 80 is typically auto assume as needed, but you get max benefit at 91, so why not go to 91?

                    Pankration stance will auto assume when you're good enough, upon ANY pankration attack, or being attacked in any way.
                    Some weapons, like tridents, do not auto assume when being attacked, only when you attack.

                    What toothlessrebel said is true, stance assumes upon a move that benefits from said stance, not upon a move that requires it only.


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                      Thanks, bois.
                      Those who are afraid of the dark have never seen what the light can do.