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Suggestion: "Light" Armor Load = Slight Agility Bonus?

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  • Suggestion: "Light" Armor Load = Slight Agility Bonus?

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    "Light" Armor Load Agility Bonus?

    I would like to suggest that a combatant with a "light" load receive a small agility bonus (+10 agility) This would revitalize a whole new subset of currently existing armor to accommodate a new desire for people's armor builds. Alanti would become valuable again. People would need to spend money to build new gear combinations, submit new alteration requests, etc. This would add variety and a new time/moneysink into the game. Gladiators would have a fun new reason to wear less armor to fights. And so on. Could even do a +20 agility bonus for having "no load to speak of.' Not enough to be overpowering, but enough to be a nice consideration for people who would like to have a different armor build. Thanks very much for considering.

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    It's not a bad idea, but considering that strength already plays a pretty big role in combat, this would effectively grant another bonus to strength. What I would suggest is to make a brand new armor load system that only takes into account the weight of the items that you are wearing that would not be tied directly to strength as the current system is. The new system could give bonuses to defense, offense and fatigue regeneration that would not be tied to any stats. No further penalties, just bonuses. The current encumbrance system already hands out penalties for having too much weight on several levels, but relies completely on strength which is not ideal. The bonuses would have to be sizeable otherwise it wouldn't be worth it to trade a mere +10 defense bonus for a considerable armor boost.

    I feel that things are entirely too dependent on stats as it is and at one point there was a movement to make stats less of a deal breaker, but with the pay-for-stats cash grab that will likely never happen. Things will likely only get worse as time goes on, but that's something best discussed in another thread.


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      Make it a straight weight requirement, say 40 lbs, for the bonus. Takes strength out of the equation.
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        Stats already OP, we don't need these VC stat monsters getting more bonus
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          I have always thought TEC needs more archetypes of fighting styles, I always wanted just wearing leather armor or no armor to give a bonus to agility.


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            In a way it does provide a bonus in that you receive no negative.
            I like the idea of faster fatigue regen. I will say slow drain would make more sense RP considered.

            I think stats may be the incentive to use the premium accounts?
            Someone has to pay for server time...


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              I think this was part of the theory behind the overheating mechanic. If you're heavily armored in the heat, you fatigue faster.