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    Have a character who was coma'd i would say over two weeks ago now and still has dramatically decreased stats? I thought it only took a few days he was also in a coma around a week. Do you get longer penalties when you use luck!?

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    It's almost a RL week before you are fully cleared. Two weeks seems a bit much unless you have some traits that may affect it.


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      The sickness time used to be tied to (90% sure equivalent to) the length of time spent in a coma. If you didn't luck into or weren't admitted to a ward early on it created real problems. I once left a character in a coma for a month or so and ran into the same problem. After 3 or 4 days an @report got his squared away. If that system hasn't changed this could be your issue.


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        I did a @report after a few weeks of coma sickness. It happens sometimes.