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  • Consolidated Combat Balancing Thread

    Hello GMs,

    I thought perhaps putting these in one place would assist for when you look at combat to make revisions, after traits. Over the years, many players have suggested combat tweaks. Perhaps everyone could help find old relevant threads, or reiterate ideas here so GMs can see these suggestions in one place?

    Syden, re individual weapon changes:

    Matt (Kabar), re new moves for each weapon:

    Matt's follow up post re: more new moves for each weapon:

    A post that started about threads but had a lot of good input about other weapons:

    A few more thoughts:

    - Avros needs its openings reduced.
    - Brawling: kick might want to get scaling damage.
    - OHS: sidestrike needs a damage boost due to requiring two handed wielding. Currently seems to do the same as slash.
    - (Note: I don't think Pardelian ankle thrust needs a damage nerf. Pardelian is a low damage skillset (2 pards kill 25-30 aralexes. 2 stavers kill 60-80+.) For example, ankle thrust is a MOS+2 move that aims largely at the feet, a low damage area, and does nowhere close to the damage of staves spinstrike, which hits 3x in MOS+1 and is aimable. )
    - Archery needs a damage boost. Currently, there are almost no circumstances where archery is preferable to using a regular weapon for PVE. Yes, archery is done from the relative safety of being at range, but the concept is that of a glass cannon - hits hard, and super vulnerable. Since archery costs money to perform, and is extremely dependent on group dynamics, perhaps a trade off could be reached: a damage-oriented archery stance that requires the archer to kneel. This would be undesirable to bandit archers, put the archer in an even more vulnerable position, and give a success or damage bonus (or both.) Thoughts?
    - Light armor builds!

    Thanks for reading. I think players want to be resources to the staff, and lighten rather than burden your work towards the game we all love, so I hope our feedback is helpful.