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  • General Combat Upgrades

    With the renewed interest in potential combat changes along with Senses' comments regarding combat, I feel that a thread discussing ALL currently undervalued combat skills was necessary. There are some very glaring oversights currently in the game that need to be fixed. Some skills are not performing as they should and these should be high up on the priority list. I'll start off with a few examples:

    Cineran Knife Fighting:

    -Backhand Slash: This skill has +1 seconds than Knife Slash or Knife Simple Stab, yet does the same identical damage as these two skills. This skill has the same identical success as Knife Slash/Simple Stab unless you use the back/forth bonus. It is intended to be a more powerful slash and should have its damage increased.

    -Triple Cut: This skill has +1 seconds than Knife Whirling Slash or Knife Double Cut, yet does the same identical damage as these two skills. It has a -10 penalty. Contrary to Whirling Slash and Double Cut, even with 100 ranks in Knife Chop, Jab and Slash, you will still not reliably land the three hits. Given the penalty, difficult nature of the attack along with it no being able to be aimed at a specific body part, Triple Cut should see its damage increased.

    -Screnaca Coranadin Stance: As opposed to every single other stances out there, this one does not offer any bonuses to the skills contained in the CKF skillset. Instead, Knives rely solely on the back/forth bonus which is incredibly random. This stance should offer a bonus regardless of the back/forth bonus inherent to Knives.


    -Back and Forth Bonus:
    The back and forth bonus is random and even at incredibly high ranks, you will have a very high chance of receiving a bonus lower than that of the skillsets which have a stance bonus. This bonus is also severely limited because only slashing maneuvers can have access to this bonus. The bonus that is given by the back/forth movement offers a damage boost along with a numerical valued bonus. The randomness factor should be severely reduced and new skills should be added into the rotation, especially on the Backhand side since only one attack in the Knives skillset can produce that bonus. The creation of an Overhand/Underhand bonus for stabbing attacks would complement this bonus and bring those attacks on par with the slashing attacks.

    One-Handed Axes:

    -Longarm Strike: With the changes to Overhead Strike no longer requiring the axe to be wielded in both hands, the two skills are almost identical. Longarm Strike does -not- receive a bonus from the Parcine Raider Stance while all of the other One-Handed Axes skills do. The stance bonus should be applied correctly to the One-Handed Axes Longarm Strike skill.

    Short Whips:

    -Sky Circle Rake:
    This skill has been one hell of a roller coaster ride along the years. It went from being one of the most devastating skills in the game's history to what it is now. The last nerf that this skill has received was entirely too heavy-handed. It is +1 seconds compared to the other Short Whips skills. Being a double-hitter, its damage output is -lower- than that of the triple-hitter Sky Circle Scourge in terms of raw damage (deep cuts vs severe cuts). It is a difficult attack that is now blocked by Sidestep which makes absolutely no sense since it is a difficult slashing attack. It should see a return to its former damage output given that the Sky Circle Stance bonus has been diminished greatly and that it is also a second slower. Its damage capacity, bonuses and associated dodges/blocks should be on par with Nelsor's Tiger Slash.

    These are just some of the glaring issues that I've noticed since I've come back with some of the skillsets that I've played around with. I'm sure that there are plenty more out there.

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    The biggest change I could hope for with unarmed combat is to remove a single second off the round time of the grapples, choke and waist clasp mostly.



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