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  • Archery

    I know it's been discussed several times before, but I felt that it was necessary to bring it back up again.... yes, it's the dreaded archery debates.

    The damage is fine. I can live with it. However, there still is a major problem in training. If you pay attention, there are hardly any new archers. The reason being that there is hardly anywhere that an archer can train without having to hunt in large groups or constantly run from their target, shooting as they move.

    The sewers, dumps, sea caves, pits, and other areas like that are not useable due to it being in an enclosed space (and some of them underground, thus dark).

    The bandit woods are too much of a risk even for the more competent fighters now, not to mention that it's fairly hard to hit bandits unless you're decent with a bow (which is impossible due to the decreased sp gain and the lack of training areas).

    The ravines and battle fields are not good for archery either. Though the fields and parts of the ravines are more open and allow for closer shooting, the Cinerans and Aestivans are now too deadly for nearly anyone to go in there, which is why the Legio ordered them off limits. Not to mention that the Cinerans natural agility is rediculously high, thus hard to hit with a bow.

    Anywhere else I neglected to mention is likely left off due to their remoteness or other reasons, but for the most part, they're useless for archers too.

    Now for my next complaint, the cost of arrows, the lack of an arrow crafting skill, and the decreased sp gain for archery. Arrows are becoming increasingly hard to find and the price of over 1d per arrow is rediculous. I go through at least 200 on every trip. That's well over 200 denars, not to mention an extra 10-20 lbs of weight I have to lug around. Also, I've noticed (and others have as well) that archery is recieving a lower amount of sp gain than other skills, not to mention that you can only gain sp on two moves now.

    To close this already long post, I just have a few things to say.... when Archery was revamped again, EVERY change was a negative one to the point that the skill is practically unuseable again. Some more changes need to happen before I'm the only archer left, which isn't far from happening.
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    yup yup

    I know what you mean, Just before they revamped it, My main character, learned bows and just managed to train with a 95 success to get basic shot, which was a very very tedious proccess and cost well over a talent in arrows, a try.
    And after they revamped it, it was driving me crazy because i was getting almost No sp from the target, and was too crap to hit almost anything else. and when i did hit, i'd get a faint wound. therefor there was almost no point training it. i was also annoyed as to how much RP and time i put into learning it, i think the GM's should stop changing skills, and either spend time making them bug free, or spend more time on new hunting area's.
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      I used to think the thief skill was difficult because of all the palming, and self-training (before there was a trainer and before I knew it was around) BUT The archery skill is Extremly hard. Sure theres nothing hard about firing at a target to practice but you get hardly any SP and then slowley your get less and less arrows to spend because sometimes you miss the target. I havent even started to hunt yet.

      If you have the trait "Hunters Eye" you can scan 2 Directions across, so basically you can hit someone 2 screens away, which would be pretty handy for taking down people like that Spy that got away. Its just training to be good enough to get lower than a 95 success to hit the Archery Target 2 screens away.


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        archery again? I'm up for it...

        As you probably know I whined for quite some time in the forums about how archery got screwed. And hey, like I said before, I wasn't complaining for my own benefit (even though it may have sounded like it), I was complaining for the benefit of other archers. There's no real use in making an archer now because you can't train past rank 10. The sp gain after that is almost nothing. The people who argued with me in the old forums were mostly using incidents involving grandmaster archers, or close-to-grandmaster archers. I didn't mention it then, but it's true. Now, I have an archer who's pretty good, but due to his lack of ability to own his own personal items, and he's not allowed to have a bow anymore *eyeshift* umm...well it didn't really matter much to begin with because he couldn't hurt a fly after the changes. It was like:

        I rapidfire you, two faint wounds, you laugh.
        You swing at me with your gladius, I can't dodge because I have to be berserk to hit you. I lose a finger.
        I rapidfire you, two faint wounds, you grunt and become angry.
        You swing at me, and connect. I die.

        And people wonder why I argued about it for so long. The way I see it now is, the GMs changed it, they've got more important things to work on right now (like the new skillsets for example, which I can't wait to see). The change was to make archery more fair at the higher levels. However, at the lower levels it's still completely unfair. Archers can't train for didly if they can't hit anything. Other weapons can use the dummy. So we have the targets, well, problem with that is we lose arrows. So go find some more you say? Not with the difficulty of the two areas that have them. If you think you're gonna walk into the ravines and find some, don't count on coming out. And the bandit forest? With the way people scrounge that place for arrows, the only way you'll get some is if you kill an archer yourself. And if you're good enough to do that you can afford to buy your own.

        Since the change to archery I haven't really done much. I decided to kill a few NPCs and get him tossed into slavery. Well hey, at least it's fun RP. I can leave the room when my masters are awake...sometimes that is. Sometimes they just don't realize I'm awake and I'm stuck in there doing nothing. So I created a whipsman. I've been playing him for a week or two and hey, I can almost hit a thug on my own now.

        Basically what I'm saying is: The change was made, it's not going to change in any way for the good, so archery is useless, start on a new skill now so you have a backup when the GMs finally decide to say archery is too difficult for anyone to learn and remove it from the game.

        Nice to know people still agree with me, but archery is a bum skill now, don't waste your time I say.
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          Well, I made an archer the day the new character generation came out. He's going to be a hunter. Not someone who hunts thugs, but someone who hunts deer and such for a living. Hopefully we'll have game to shoot at one day. Anyway, my take on it is I'd like it if the target kept giving sp after you reach rank 10. We really don't have any other opportunity to train.

          Though, I really can't see what the problem is with finding coin for arrows. It's not hard at all.
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