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One-Handed Crushing

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  • One-Handed Crushing

    Just wondering a few things about this skill. I have never used it before and recently I created a char with it.
    Whats a good attack to learn that doesnt require having to many SP's to rank up but I can still do alot of damage with it.
    AND whats a devistating Crushing attack which may be hard to rank up but everytime you do The guy on the reciving end gets more hammerd. Just wondering

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Learning Clubs - some advice

    Club Smash is a good skill to start out with as a clubber. Follow that up with Crush and you'll have a potent duo. Also don't neglect your blocks - though Club Blocks aren't all that effective, they're better than none at all.

    Once you feel at a comfortable level visit Leda and begin your studies in Armed Combat Maneuvers - specifically the dodges and sidestep.

    From there you ought to be able to discern where you wish go.



    PS. Thanks for the comment in the other post.
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      Swat is a pretty good attack to start with, considering it's easy and does some decent damage at the same time.

      Should definately get smash and crush though.... both deal a lot of damage once you get good in them and crush seems to be giving trouble to knife wielders, which is nice against thugs.

      Legstrike does plenty of damage and has the nice side effect of making them fall down.... but you'll only do that regularly if your character is pretty strong (which mine ain't). Knock aside does really good damage, probably the most of all club skills, if you manage to land it, though it's easier to block now.

      Shields and ACM are important for a clubber too, considering they only have two blocks and no high ones so you'll be working on your defense a lot.


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        Thanks for everyones help, getting a pretty decent clubber now.

        Oh just wondering but Does that move Leg Smash or what ever its called, break legs?


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          Leg Strike

          The move is called Leg Strike and is comparable to the Sweep of Staves and Spears BUT, if learned well, has been known to inflict bone-protuding wounds.
          It is a very difficult move so study well if you wish to overcome your opponents defenses with it.

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            Like Lasseter said, but leg strike doesn't give the opponent any round time.

            It's not intended as a pure sweep, so the falling is just a nice after effect of a solid blow to the ankles.


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              hehe I dont care about knocking them over, I just care about watching them fall to the ground grabbing the bone patruding through there flesh as they scream in agony. Enemy cant do much while hes screaming *walks off laughing evily*


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                I have a question... How strong is "strong"? My clubber, Thugga has a Very Good strength, is that sufficient for legstrike? I'm focusing on building up the basic skills first, but legstrike seems the most useful of the moves.
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                  Good luck newer clubbers...if you haven't noticed already, clubs recently(3 or 4 weeks ago) had another downgrade..legstrike is alot harder to knock someone down with, and knockaside is blocked by many easy skills, mainly high now along with your extremely weak defense, you have a strong offense that can't hit anyone..not so strong anymore..


                  PS. no i don't play a clubber, but i do see the change as unfair, and unbalancing


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                    I just got back from a month or so absence and I had noticed some change in clubs that i was curious about and if it was a real change or just some streak of bad luck... well since i cant help but read all the posts on clubs I read the posts in this thread and if the changes Leminarflow posted about have taken place I must complain.
                    Really, this is kind of absurd that my character Nicarus cant knock down a thug with his blackroot with around 40 over the success all but maybe 5% or so of the time anymore. Maybe some bad luck was involved but thats a pretty low percentage. I know its not gonna get changed back but c'mon please no more downgrades or clubs is gonna be out the portal in terms of being able to compete with some other combat skills.

                    Just think the scales on balance have been tipped a little bit off.

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