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  • Asparagus
    Lets see, my knifers wears:

    A heavy set of bronze-plated dark green armor
    Set of plain leather greaves
    Plain leather shoulder pterygyes
    Fur-lined leather pterygyes
    Fur-lined leather boots
    And... a sagum... yes... a sagum

    Sagums actually blocks vermin like rats and osecars very well, or of course, stuff off the island

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  • zeldaiscool
    Tracers armor before I deleted him-
    Muscle Cuirass
    Mail shoulder guards
    left thigh greave
    Right thigh greave
    studded belt
    studded belt (number 2)
    Left shin greave
    Right Shin Greave
    leather gloves
    Iron Ring
    Iron Collar
    Leather helm
    Bronze Helm with a tall Crest
    Leather ptergyes
    Leather Shoulder Ptergyes
    Leather breeches
    Studded leggings,
    Armillus (number 2)
    Leather tunic
    Black Cinerian military boots
    Yes Inhuman strength was sweet...
    Again I wonder what exactly i was thinking before i deleted him...

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  • Mast3rMind
    For Seracen its:

    Brown leather military boots
    Banded leather leggings
    Studded leather belt with a bronze buckle (they absorb more than the iron ones from the steps)
    Lorica hamata
    Studded black leather pteryges (fantastic waist protection)
    shoulder pteryges
    Bronze visored helmet
    A thick ring made from copper.
    Hoplite greaves

    Once I get his strength up a bit at the courses, I'll probably add shoulder guards to it. I was debating getting a faceplate, but I may just try and get good gloves that provide better hand protection, instead.

    His kit adds up to around 55 pounds or so, and other things he wears adds an additional 7 pounds.

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  • Aisly
    Aisly scorns armor. If her Cineran blade mastery doesn't crit someone into oblivion fast, she runs. She also doesn't mind getting roughed up some in a fight. That's part of the pure adrenaline rush of combat for her. Everyone tells her she's stupid, but it's perfectly consistent with her personality. Inhuman reasoning doesn't mean she has to be a genius in all respects at all times. When she fights alley scum, both her and the victim tend to bleed quite a bit. The bloodshed, her own nearly as much as the other person's, is pure joyous exaltation for her... so long as she wins in the end.

    Aschiva wears an old bronze cuirass, an iron-studded belt, hobnailed boots, banded leather leggings, leather greaves, stiff leather pteryges and one of those amusing tarnished bronze helmets from Tolbick's shop in the Steps. Not good armor, but she isn't willing to spend money on fighting equipment when dance performance props are more important in terms of her actual job.

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  • Baracchi
    Baracchi wears as follows:
    A tunic
    A large sack

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  • Holypaladin
    Well, before I stopped playing Retalq, he wore slightly different than what everyone else here posted.

    Here's what he wore:

    heavy bronze helmet
    heavy hide cuirass
    heavy fur leggings
    two iron bracers (MVG issue)
    wildcat pelt gloves
    silver ring
    iron-studded belt
    stiff pteryges
    leather shoulder pteryges
    black leather boots
    small leather sheath
    scabbard ( regular or black scabbards work better than the gilded bronze ones I noticed)
    purple silk MVG cape

    Top it off with his lantern and shield and two gladii and a little bit of money and field bag, and he sat at around 55 lbs or so and nothing rarely went through his armor. If I had bumped down to a buckler and dropped one of my gladii, it'd be even less than that. I found raider armor does the best. The lorica is great and cheap, but weighs a bit, so I did some looking around and experimenting to find better combinations that protected nearly as well, but for less weight.

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  • Dragonus
    No not dead. Although has died many, many times Although he can be pretty hard to hit, depending on the weapon of course.

    And I'ma hunt down and kill all the people that called him short. Take my revenge! Mwuahahahaha!!!!

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  • Maximillion

    Hey... isn't he also dead?

    *packs on more armor*

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  • Blackening
    Drags is also too short for non-dwarfs to hit.

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  • Dragonus
    Pfft, armor

    Dragaxus wore a tunic, mud-spattered boots, his famous shredded breeches, leather cuirass, leather leggings, a toolbelt, a ring, and paenula (for thieves), towering oval shield (when not wielding it).

    The best armor is a good defense. *nods*

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  • Blackening
    Roll a thief with inhuman perception, Night Vision, and preferably a good agility and speed mixed into it. Then avoid fighters altogether. The best protection.

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  • Ravan
    get Glads, nelsor, avros, ACMs, and shields. Train all your blocks and dodges to insane ranks. Then just wear a loincloth, a pouch, a faceplate, an iridine wall shield, and your gladius.

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  • Bidsmuth
    Forgot about rings. Thanks, good plan.

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  • Ailell
    Wear rings under gloves.

    Ailell wears a phylax, banded leggings, lorica hamata, belt, two rings and gloves, sandals and if he wants to cover his tattoo, some shoulder pteryges.

    Granted that is by no means the best or wisest. Holes everywhere. But I see it like faceplates. There is always some part of your body only covered with leather at best, unless you have inhuman strength.

    So I use armor to cover where I percieve are my weakest points, defence wise. If somebody can get through places where I haven't armored, I shouldn't be fighting them (apart from chops).

    Also, think about the personality of your character. Unless it is a suicide mission I'd never have him wear a helmet as he's much too vain to cover his hair. Sandals instead of boots as he never goes to the sewers where he has worry about muck getting between his toes.

    Best of luck.

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  • Bidsmuth
    started a topic Armor


    What's the best type of armor set in your opinion these days?

    Why are any type of gloves useless?