Skotos Forums Closing: September 30

The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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Command FAQ

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  • Enkar
    See Bactrian's Minor Changes thread for this sort of stuff also.

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  • Enkar
    You can now SLIDE parchments UNDER doors.

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  • Marnevel

    Money and SP for characters playtesting the Steps.

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  • Mast3rMind
    the cartwheel command.

    This is fun.

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  • Bactrian
    It's a channel designed solely to allow characters to communicate with NPC patrons.

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  • Mast3rMind
    Hrm. Always wondered about this:

    Is @patron-report only for the use of patrician characters? Or if a patroned headcount @patron-reports to his or her patron, will their patron receive a message somewhere?

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  • Enkar
    It has to do with this:

    The patterns of words in the new social commands can vary based upon how complex the concept being expressed is:

    > adverb verb preposition target speech-text
    > verb adverb preposition target speech-text
    > verb target speech-text
    > verb target

    Experiment with it some and you should pick it up.


    smile shane Thanks.
    You smile to Shane, "Thanks."

    (I think that works. If it don't, it's something similar.)

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  • Macro
    Hate to say it but a lot of these have already been stickied.

    Feel free to add to it.

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  • Roxanna
    One I keep forgetting but often need, and then I have to go through the entire @commands list to find it:

    STOW <container>

    When your hands are full and you want to pick up something else, you'll automically put the items you're holding in the container you assigned it to.

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  • Enkar
    BEHEAD <corpse>
    Will remove the head from the corpse. Can only be done to creatures with heads. Removes the description of the face/head from the corpse.

    IMPALE <head>
    While wielding a spear, use this command to impale a head. This will render the spear all but useless for battle purposes.

    PUSH <spear with a head on it>
    While standing in an open outdoor space, use this command to "plant" the spear permanently in place.

    Mechanics have been implemented to label pieces of paper. With an inked quill in hand, simply LABEL <paper> [with] <label>. Papers can only be labelled once. Thanks to Takis for the suggestion.

    1. Gesture at yourself
    2. Say to your pet "follow" or "come"

    This command will tell your pet to get up and follow you.

    1. Say to your pet "stay" or "sit"

    This will cause your pet to stop following you and stay at that particular spot.

    You can now automatically 'retrieve' recent things you've discarded without GM assistance. There is still a 100 RP cost. Use the 'retrieve' command by itself to see a list of things you've recently discarded, then 'retrieve <object>' to recover it.

    To sell an item, you must have it in your hand, just as if you were offering it to someone. The exception to this is dogs, for which you must be the master. Then type:

    sell item to user for # currency

    Currently, you must use the full name of the currency. An example:

    sell veal to Joeschmoe for 5 sens

    Joeschmoe will be prompted, and he can choose to ignore the offer, or to accept it with:

    accept Janedoe

    Just the same as with offering. Joeschmoe must have enough money on hand in order for the transaction to take place.

    As an added feature, at banks the money will be taken from and transferred to the respective characters' accounts.

    The patterns of words in the new social commands can vary based upon how complex the concept being expressed is:

    > adverb verb preposition target speech-text
    > verb adverb preposition target speech-text
    > verb target speech-text
    > verb target

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  • Marnevel
    You can go through your WA forums with

    @read next


    share <coins> with <person, person, person>

    which is a great, very useful command.

    Let's say you have 48 cents.

    share cents with Marnevel, Enkar, M'Kerron

    will give you, Marnevel, Enkar, and M'kerron 12 cents each.

    If you type

    share cents with Marnevel, Enkar, M'Kerron, Marnevel, me

    It will give Enkar and M'kerron 8 cents each, and Marnevel and you will get 16 cents each.

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  • Enkar
    @command is very outdated.

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  • SirLocke
    @command all

    proclaim ! Bums.

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  • Phwoar
    I've been doing something like this on my site.

    some stuff that i'm yet to add;

      dip quill in jar
      write on parch [in language]
      read parch
      show parch to her
      seal parch with ring
      label parch label
      shuffle cards
      deal 5 cards to me, her, him
      discard III of Swords|cards
      restore cards
    butterfly catching
      get net
      get jar
      app butt
      get butt
    misc items
      pull comb
      scrape teeth with toothscraper
      scrape me with strigil
      pull razor
      roll dice
      play flute
      rub soap
    wa commands
      @mail on me
      @read #
      play [char num]
      lay, sit, kneel, stand
      wield weapon/wear cestus
      free me/weapon
      yank weapon
      attack person aim
      stance: defensive, wary, normal, aggressive, berserk
      fight: all-out, , , , toyingly
        climb rope, strength
        go plank, perception
        go path, speed
        jump rope, dexterity
        go path, agility
        go track, endurance
        go coals, willpower
        climb rope, strength
        jump rope, dex
        go track, speed?
        go plank, perception
        go coals, willpower

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  • Enkar
    Some of these are or may be already in the helpfiles.

    @request--for something you want done

    @report--for reporting bugs and policy violations

    @feedback--for sending kudos to the GMs

    Stuff Japes has posted:

    Usage: teach <skill> to <level>
    Example: teach one-handed swords jab to 40

    When sparring, you can now choose whether or not to fight using your full strength. Use the 'fight' command in order to change how seriously you will fight your opponent. The following options are available:

    fight all-out
    fight seriously
    fight half-serious
    fight barely serious
    fight toyingly


    The 'undress' command causes the character to start automatically removing articles of clothing. The AI will sort out for you which pieces of clothing need to be removed in what order, and will proceed accordingly.


    The 'dress' command will have the character automatically pick up items and wear them according to a preset outfit, decided by the player. To use the command, type in 'dress <outfit name>'. For example, if you have an outfit called 'hunting', type in 'dress hunting'. More information on creating outfits below.


    The '@outfits' command gives the player access to a menu in which he or she can create an 'outfit' for the character.

    - a dis?robe alias has been added for the undress command. You can type 'disrobe' or simply 'disr' in order to undress.

    adopt <pet name>

    You can only adopt a dog when its owner is dead or if the player of the owner hasn't logged in for six RL months. Adopting a pet is possible only when you've established enough rapport with it for it to trust you.

    ex: say to guard Guard Ranan
    The bodyguard will follow and guard Ranan to the best of his ability.

    ex: say to guard Follow Ranan
    This will tell the bodyguard to follow someone around, but not necessarily guard him or her.

    ex: say to guard Stay here
    This will tell the bodyguard to wait at the current location. Servants will be hesitant to wait in dangerous places.

    ex: say to guard Stop!
    This will tell the bodyguard to stop everything he's doing. This includes guarding, following, or attacking someone else.

    ex: say to guard Give me your shield.
    This will tell the bodyguard to return a piece of equipment that you've given him. More information on servant inventories below.

    ex: say to guard Report to me what happened.
    The servant will tell you any notable events or occurances which happened since you last asked. In the case of bodyguards, this will be any acts of violence or thievery that they have witnessed lately.

    To cash in a bank note, simply offer it to the clerk and, if everything's in order, he will arrange everything for you.

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