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What weapon does your character use/did you choose as a player...

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  • What weapon does your character use/did you choose as a player...

    And why?

    How many chose a skill-set they liked the sound of, and invented a character around that? How many did the vice versa?

    To the players who have created a character based on the character's personal choice entirely(rather than choose a skill-set that sounded most provocative to the player), how many of are you are upset by the weapon choice?

    How many of you, upset by this weapon choice, have created a storyline(not a simple, "Meh, I got tired of how slow tridents are and every seems to like clubs now"), but an actual storyline on their character's weapon switch?
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    I can't wait to hear what Sancin says


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      For Culexus:

      Coming off of Darvinus, I had decided I wanted a combatant. The fact that my previous combatant had existed in game for 8 years, and died as a tier two fighter, made me want to persue high level combat, 'competitive' combat, specifically. I enjoy player versus player, so I wanted to focus on that, but I wanted to do it in a way that didn't make people hate ME the player for beating them, and would instead come off with neither party injured, but still clearly be pvp. After some consideration, the idea of a character that will blood-duel anyone, who spends LOTS of time fighting ion the colosseum, and whonever loots anyone, seemed the best choice.

      I designed a character concept of an absolutely arrogant, audaciously insulting, racist/sexist/culturally prejudiced, religiously prejudiced person with a large amount of hypocrisy existing within his core personality. A self hater seemed fun, so I incorporated that. I also combined it with an idea I had been toying with for a long time. That of the non-citizen who had been born and raised in Iridine. (mechanically impossible to do, but according to the fiction, the greatest number of people in the whole of the republic)

      My desire to have someone competitive in PVP meant I had to narrow down what skill sets were at all qualifying. I narrowed it down to: OHS, whips, cestus, pankration/brawling, spears. Consideration on the concept I had built put Pankration as the obvious stylistic choice. It was also the only set I had never tried at all.

      Originally posted by VinianQuartz


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        For Rivus:

        I had been coming back from a hiatus and saw the new skill-set of brawling. It was described to me as being somewhat like a bruising kniver, and seeing as the original attraction to this game for me was the combat mechanics and gory crit messages, I figured brawling would = fun times. I also used the idea of non-citizen raised in the City, the Steps to be exact, as at the time the Steps were new, too. I liked the idea of a kid raised in a rough neighborhood, working the local fight clubs and brawler bars and earning little, with big dreams of one day fighting in the Colosseum, while simultaneously resenting much of the City proper population(constables, patricians, Quartzites). A racist, a punk, a loudmouth, and a kid who loves the City that raised him.

        Alot of it comes from my own upbringing in the suburbs. I've come to resent it, and now that I live in the city, where I feel like I've truly belonged my entire life, I try to imagine myself had I been born and raised in Chicago, specifically the South Side.

        But I digress, while I've certainly enjoyed brawling thus far, from a mechanical standpoint, it doesn't seem to be the best use of Rivus's inhuman strength. The attacks weren't as flashy as I had imagined them to be, and it's starting to lose it's charm. With my Reflexes finally GMed, I've recently been contemplating switching to clubs, or axes, or possibly one of the gladiatorial weapons. Cestii would be an easy switch to RP, but I've had my eye on Tridents, too. Whatever path, I really look forward to choosing and thinking up the story behind the change. I appreciate any and all feedback or adviced I can get for any of these styles; tridents, cestii, clubs, one-handed axes, and two-handed axes.
        I've had to delete SEVERAL post of yours due to language. I suggest you consider a different vocabulary to express yourself.


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          Spears, so I could make jokes about my long shaft.


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            I hate training so I don't have the patience to deal with any weapon other than knives. I tried Pankration for a while, which was kinda ok, but I didn't like not making things bleed. So I gave up and made another Cineran knife girl. Who is not much like Aisly even though she's also from Anorad.

            I have a little over 100 ranks and I train every week. Angry gulls fear me!
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              For those like Miriam (she's not the only one), Brawling provides the same benefit.

              Cestus does too, if you choose the right skills.

              Originally posted by VinianQuartz
              HAIL CULEXUS


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                Started with a pretty simple backstory which included some weaponry goals, stuck with those all the way through and added to them, finally somewhat close to completing original goals weaponwise and other, never regretted picking the weapon.

                Got a char that uses two-handed axes, currently i really like my Blackroot war axe ..
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                  Thryn's choices are obvious. One weapon for his gladiating, one for doing business.

                  I created Ashin around the bandit archer persona. Then I deleted him when the only people he could hit were the people he was hunting with and not for (after two years of waiting for archery to get changed).

                  Pythen was spears for Legio. After his booting and jailing he picked up clubs to be a brute.

                  Horras and his brother were both training to be in Legio until his brother disappeared and people started threatening his life so he let it go (aka the skillset got nerfed to the max and happened to coincide with the life threats). Brawling is silly and childish and seemed to fit him, even though he can't go anywhere with it.

                  My other three alts were all chosen with their weapons intricately tied to their storyline and since I am not worrying too heavily about pvp at the moment I am somewhat happy with them.

                  I usually just pick up multiple weapons if I want to slightly change the persona. I rarely unlearn completely and have only done it in on one instance.


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                    Picked brawling with my current main before he was my main to be a griefer/test out a skillset that was new to me when I first came back after a 4 year absence.(this was before griefer chokers ;P).Then suddenly he became my main after I deleted my old one because waiting 6 months for a trial is BS and being on basic account couldnt have more then 2 character slots. After 6 or 7 months of using brawling I realized its 1) worthless unless you know pank with it for PVP, 2) only good in group combat or group hits for (PVP) and 3) its a good pwning npc skillset though.

                    My clubber I created to nerf upswing.
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                    LIFES A BITCH THEN YOU GET PK'd!!!!!
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                      I picked Staves because you got 15 free ranks.


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                        I picked staves because of all the cool stavers... Like Slarth and Mili...
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                        Originally posted by Armataan
                        Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
                        Originally posted by Bucaria
                        The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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                          Usually knives because I don't have the patience to wait between attacks.


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                            I picked spears because they can be used over all ranges. Spears do decent damage, have quite good defense and are faster than tridents.
                            Spears can sweep in short range and can be thrown much easier than tridents.


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                              I was a combat NOOB at the time, so I chose tridents for Danasei. Since my previous characters were all PKed, I wanted a weapon with a good defense. BOY WAS I WRONG. Piece of junk.
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