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  • Concerning Maintenance

    Alpha Colony,

    This is your friendly, helpful Maintenance Technician, Tela.

    As I have received no word on any request by any Administrator, or from Engineer Kiernan himself, in any capacity... I make the following announcement:

    If you have any requests for Maintenance, feel free to e-mail me or let me know over the Com, and I shall respond as soon as I can. While I have a phone, I rarely carry it these days.

    At this time, I cannot hire staff, but if I need help with a task, I would monetarily compensate on a per-hour basis.

    Thank you,

    -Tela, Maintenance Technician
    LP: Tela - phone number: Teelah

    CM: Motsumoto Raharu

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    Hello Tela, I'm Fionnghuala, I go by a couple nicknames, Fionn, and Nell. I was not available for some time due to participating in an experiment by Dr. Wei. I ho I will be allooe, I mean able to talk with you in person soon.