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  • Darts and drinks!

    Please join me this Friday at 20:00 at the top of the pyramid for darts and drinks!

    This is a very fun game to test not your eyes but your hand to hand coordination.

    I will be offering some cute little things as prizes but if anyone has anything specific they would like to see as a prize let me know!

    If enough people are interested I would also be opening to doing sometime this weekend.

    Please feel free to email, call, com or mail me any suggestion. On time, date, prizes or place. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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    [nudged nudged]


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      We had a awesome night of darts!

      Octavia won getting to 100 points first and selected a nice scented blue lotion from the pile of stuff!

      Please join us again next Friday 20:00 for another chance to win! Enjoy darts, dancing and drinks with your follow colonists!


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        Just a reminder that this will be happening again tonight. Please see me if you have any question or preference for another time next week


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          Hi everyone! Since most of our people seem to be afternoon wakers we are going to try to start darts around 12:00-13:00. We have lots of nifty prizes left so make sure to come out and have some fun!


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            Citizen Octavia beat the other competitors again and walked away with a docile black bunny! Miss Sally was kind enough to add a new prize to the box so make sure to join us next Friday at 13:00 again!


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              Just a reminder that this will start today at 13:00!


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                Attention citizens! Its been a hot minute since we had one of these parties. Please join me Friday in Sally's lovely new lounge at 20:00ish for a fun game of darts and drinks! (Time subject to change depending on people-ing)


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                  Please join me Wednesday the 13th at 13:00 in the lobby for a game of darts!


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                    Reminder that this is today at 13:00!



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