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Society of Allied Colonies: Employment

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  • Society of Allied Colonies: Employment

    Ministry: Lazarus Project - SAC - Lead Role
    Head: Sarah Anselm
    Role/Title: Overseer/Doctor
    • Oversee Colony and Government duties alongside Administrator Brennan.
    • Director of Mendus
    • Leader of the Society of Allied Colonies (Currently consisting of Alpha and Delta Colonies)
    • Judge over Society Law, and one of many Ministry heads overseeing day-to-day operations

    Sub Departments of the Lazarus Project SAC:all below


    Ministry: Government
    Head: Ethan Brennan
    Role/Title: Administrator/Doctor
    • Oversee job placement and assignment to other Heads of Ministry
    • Head of Ministry of Medicine (Doctor)

    1) Sub Departments of Government:
    • Department of Health: Leading physicians and doctors of medicine.
    • Roles:
    • Doctor: Brennan (head)
    • Nurses: Josiline, Peajay, Ariel
    • Medics: Octavia, Malice
    • Students: Mitz
    • Department of Society: Focuses and follows the social dynamics, influences, and current trends within the colony. Works closely with the Ministry of Maintenance on the beautification and infrastructure as well as social planning, social events and parties.
    • Roles:
    • Coordinator: Veronica
    • Secretary:
    • Department of Broadcasting and Media: Focuses on media, broadcasting, news, current events and historical records.
    • Roles:
    • Director: Araine
    • Journalists:
    • Historians:
    • Department of Orientation: Focuses on assisting new metahumans into their transition within the Colony by finding them room placement, employment and familiarity with the laws and customs of the society.
    • Roles:
    • Manager:
    • Greeters:
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    Ministry: Security and Law
    Head: Azura (Surname Unknown)
    Role/Title: Captain (Civil/Criminal)/General (In times of war)
    • Oversees and heads law enforcement
    • Enforces and Mandates Law
    • Oversees Martial Defense and Security

    2) Sub Departments of Security and Law
    • Department of Mendus Institute: Oversees and treats mentally ill and disturbed individuals in an effort to eventually reintegrate into society.
    • Roles: Doctor, Psychiatrist, Nurse, Guard
    • Department of Law Records: Maintain and Organize legal matters, including the proposal or amendment of future laws.
    • Roles: Judge, Baileff, Lawyer, Scribe
    • Department of Civil Record: Handles civil matters such as inquiries of construction, unions, monetary compensation, etc.
    • Roles: Banker, Secretary, Surveyor
    • Department of Security and Armed Forces: Enforces and investigates legal matters of a criminal or civil nature, or enlistment into the armed forces.
    • Roles:
    • Police and Security Forces
      • Captain: Azura
      • Lead Detective: Darick
      • Detective: Malice
      • Officer:
      • Recruit: Kell
    • Armed Forces
      • General: Azura
      • Colonel:
      • Lieutenant:
      • Sergeant: Kryble
      • Corporal:
      • Private: Araine, Jett
      • Reserves/Specialists:
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      Ministry: Natural Science
      Head: Rider Murad
      Role: Professor
      • Oversees the Agriculture and Greenhouse
      • Oversees and manages the Zoo
      • Heads management of Lapidary and natural rocks/caves
      • Heads the aquatic research team.

      3) Sub Departments of Natural Sciences:
      • Department of Zoology: Focuses on treating and caring for the animals in the colony, domesticated and wild. The science division of the Zoology department researches known and unknown creatures, their environment and tendencies. The department is responsible for the introduction of new animal species into the colonies.
      • Roles:
      • Director: Veronica
      • Zoologists: Josiline, Araine
      • Student:
      • Department of Agriculture: This department is responsible for all plant life, farms, orchards, etc.within and outside the colony. They oversee and care for all agricultural growth to feed the colony.
      • Roles:
      • Director:
      • Horticulturists:
      • Gardeners:
      • Department of Botany: Botanists are the scientific department focusing on plant life and its application for medicine, products and other uses. They also research, explore and document all new plant life for cultivation and uses.
      • Roles:
      • Director:
      • Botanists:
      • Herbalists:
      • Department of Lapidary: This department and the duties therein are to discover, document and research all known minerals, stones and metals.
      • Roles:
      • Director
      • Lapidarists:
      • Gemologists:
      • Mineralogists:
      • Student:



      Ministry: Practical Sciences
      Head: Ariel Delaria
      Role/Title: Bio-Engineer
      • Oversees the Biological Science Department
      • Oversees Technological Application Department
      • Oversees Theoretical Sciences

      4) Sub Departments of Practical Sciences:
      • Department of Biology: Study and Experimentation is bio-genetic and biological matter, including mutation both natural and enhanced.
      • Roles:
      • Head Geneticist: Ariel
      • Biologist:
      • Teachers:
      • Students: Vayden, Chara
      • Department of Robotics and Technology:Study and application of cybernetics (when coupled with genetics), robotics, machines, and invention application. Includes VR training and classes.
      • Roles:
      • Head Scientist: Ariel
      • Scientist:
      • Engineer:
      • Student(s): Marcus
      • Department of Theoretical Physics and Temporal Sciences: Study and application of theoretical physics and temporal anomalies, including teleportation and time travel.
      • Roles:
      • Head Scientist: Sally Druthers
      • Operators:
      • Physicists:
      • Students: Britt
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        Ministry: Arts and Fashion
        Head: Evalyn Dowers
        Role/Title: Designer
        • Assists in facilitating work roles for craft specialists, photographers, fashion designers, etc into various departments and assigning department heads who are experts in their fields

        5) Sub Departments of Arts:
        • Department of Fashion: This department and the duties therein are responsible for the current clothing fashion trends, as well as assisting in the production of uniforms and other required garments for professional use.
        • Roles:
        • Fashionista: Josiline
        • Seamstresses: Veronica
        • Tailors:
        • Students:
        • Department of Glamor (aka Ice Tech): This department works closely and alongside the Department of Lapidary and is responsible for the fashion trends within the colony for jewelry. It also is responsible for jewelry required for certain work roles and positions within the colony and the crafting of official-use items that require metal and/or stone.
        • Roles:
        • Executive: Malice
        • Jewelers:
        • Students:
        • Department of Interior Design: The department of interior design handles all renovations of the colony’s interior rooms and areas. They work closely with the Department of Society for beautification of exterior areas, such as common areas with seating. They also work with the department of Architecture to assist in social structural planning.
        • Roles:
        • Designer: Octavia
        • Aides
        • Department of Home Goods: This department works with the local vendors on all furniture and other home goods, they design and set the cost for store items.
        • Roles:
        • Controller:
        • Manager:
        • Carpenters
        • Department of Beauty: This department is the trend setter for all hair, make-up, dermatology and tattoos. The dermatologists work with the Botanists on creating soaps, shampoos and all beauty care items. This department also works with the local vendors on prices and sell-able items and trade.
        • Roles:
        • Beauticians
        • Tattooists
        • Dermatologists
        • Stylists
        • Department of Culinary: This department has the privilege of reviewing the food and drink which is served in and out of the colony; its members are taught the culinary arts and have the ability to create their own concoctions.
        • Roles:
        • Chef: Octavia
        • Cooks:
        • Students: Jett and Peajay
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          Ministry: Maintenance
          Head: Kryble
          Role/Title: Chief Engineer
          • Oversees the maintenance and verification of structural integrity
          • Colony biosphere maintenance
          • Sewer and water
          • General infrastructure
          • Train and rail transportation.

          6) Sub Departments of Maintenance:
          • Department of Sewer and Water: Responsible for the maintenance, repairs, integrity of sanitation of the sewer and water systems.
          • Roles:
          • Engineer: Chara
          • Foreman:
          • Janitor
          • Department of Engineering: This department is responsible for the mechanics, electricity and technology of the colony, as well as their repair and maintenance.
          • Roles:
          • Manager
          • Engineer
          • Foreman: Alexander
          • Department of Transportation: The expertise of this department is that of all forms of mechanical transportation; they maintain, design and build most forms of transportation and work alongside the Department of Department of Robotics and Technology.
          • Roles:
          • Manager
          • Engineer
          • Foreman
          • Department of Architecture: This department manages the architectural integrity of the infrastructure of the colony. They work alongside the Department of Society, the Department of Interior Design, and the Department of Agriculture.
          • Roles:
          • Engineer
          • Foreman
          • Contractor: Jian and Murdoch
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            How to Apply:

            1) Send an Email to the respective Head of the Ministry or Department Heads.
            2) Use the subject line: Employment - Department of ___________________.
            3) Within the email list your availability, and your experience (not required).
            4) Sign your email.



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