A few days ago, of August 30th, first year of the Allied Society of Colonies , at the start of the 13th hour we began the trial of Doctor Wei. Doctor Anselm presided over the trial which was witnessed by 11 citizens, excluding both Doctors. The prisoner was brought in by Captain Azura , at which point she lead him to seat to face the many citizens of the colony.

Doctor Anselm asked the citizens of the colony to present his crimes to him, so that he might recognize them. Many citizens remained quiet, mostly watching the proceedings but Citizens Malice, Veronica and Marcus all spoke up on behalf of the colony and themselves and to Doctor Wei’s Kii involvement. Administrator Brennan, Professor Rider and Doctor Anselm then following, speaking on behalf of their friends, coworkers, family and the pain inflected on themselves, both professionally and personally.

At this point, the proceedings paused for a 1 hour break to allow the citizens time to compose themselves and recuperate after such a tense trail.

Upon resuming the trail, Doctor Anselm gave Wei a chance to speak on his crimes in a effort to provide closure to the citizens before a final verdict was chosen. Wei was determined in his path and stated he would do it all over again. He mocked the trial, stating that meta humans were experiments and abominations who should be thankful, for without him we would not exist. We complained of our ‘softness’. At this point Citizen Malice spoke up - “I’m not sure if I speak for everyone but you, are in fact correct. We should thank you. Whether we like it or not you are still the cause of our exisence. However that is about as far as your truth goes. Humanity may have died before Earth but you unwittingly revived it into we metahumans. You speak highly of yourself and lowly of us yet WE metas stand to sentence you and We metas will stand to sentence the Kii just as well. We aren’t just fabricated humans. We have become the new humanity. A rebirth. I’ll be damned if some roach will stand above me and look down upon me.”

At this point the doctor was lead from the room so that judgment could be passed. Doctor Anselm made sure we knew how serious this was. It was with heavy hearts that the citizens present determined that Wei was unsafe to leave alive considering not only his past crimes, but his involvement with the Kii. No matter the life, there will always be sadness and pain when it ends as life all life has a value. The doctor was judged in a fair and noble manner by jury of his peers.

The colony looks forward to a peaceful future without the presence and fear of Doctor Wei. Per Doctor Anselm "It is time we moved on from the past. We are now in the first year of the Allied Society of Colonies"