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The Ministry of Practical Sciences

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  • The Ministry of Practical Sciences

    The Ministry of Practical Sciences

    Head: Ariel Delaria
    Role/Title: Biological-Engineer (Bio-Engineer / Doctor)
    • Oversees the Biological Science Department
    • Oversees Technological Application Department
    • Oversees Theoretical Sciences

    Sub Departments of Practical Sciences:
    • Department of Biology: Study and Experimentation is bio-genetic and biological matter, including mutation both natural and enhanced. Lead by the Biological Engineer.
      • Roles:
        • Head Biologist: Doctor Ariel
        • Teachers:
        • Biologist:
        • Students:
    • Department of Robotics and Technology:Study and application of cybernetics (when coupled with genetics), robotics, machines, and invention application. Includes VR training and classes. Lead by the Professor.
      • Roles:
        • Head Scientist: Professor Ariel
        • Robotics Engineer:
        • Students: Chance
    • Department of Theoretical Physics and Temporal Sciences: Study and application of theoretical physics and temporal anomalies, including teleportation and time travel. Lead by the Operator.
      • Roles:
        • Head Scientist: Operator Sally
        • Physicists:
        • Scientists: Britt
        • Students:

    How to apply - All positions begin as Students. Entry level only.
    • Send an email to Ariel including your name, amount of time in the Colony (recent - I don't care about how long you've lived in the past)
    • Qualifications (None needed, but list them if you got them)
    • Why you want to apply
    • What Department you wish to apply to
    • An idea for said department to show your applicable theory
    • Copy email to Sub Department heads (Amy for Theoretical Physics and Temporal Sciences, none determined for other Departments yet)
    Last edited by Ariel; 12-31-2019, 11:48 AM.
    -Bio-Engineer Ariel
    -Ministry Head of Practical Sciences
    -Biological Mutations and Cybernetic Engineering
    -Phone: Ariel1

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