Today, on the 6th day of September, in first year of the Society of Allied colonies we were graced with our very first union.

The day began with Citizen Octavia gathering some of her close friends around to help her prep and prepare for her day. She stepped into a absolutely stunning dual-layered in a silvery white color and a gorgeous diamond tiara. She was accompanied by a bouquet of white flowers that was provided by Med-Nurse Josiline. Once she was dressed and even more stunning then usual we were quickly led into a lush garden room, with a pond illuminated by lanterns.

Octavia ducked behind a partition and waited for her signal. The citizens gathered for the ceremony quickly seated themselves on the benches to await the ceremony. Administrator Brennan and Citizen Malice stood at the pond, waiting for everyone to settle. Once all the citizens has situated themselves, Administrator Brennan called for Octavia to join the side of her partner-to-be.

Administrator Brennan started the ceremony by eloquently explaining the purpose of a union - "A union between a man and a women is more than a contract or an agreement. It is an eternal, and sacred bond. It is a choice to love, care-for, and cherish your partner. To build them up and selflessly work towards the best for them. A union takes away self and unites the two together as a single, living force to be reckoned with."

He then asked the bridge and groom is they had any vows they wished to speak and both did. We were graced first with Malice's words which were filled with love, good memories of the past and grand hopes for the future. Following Malice's speech Tavi got a chance to say her vows. She spoke about how much she admired her husband-to-be, all the traits the she adored and how much she loved him.

Following this Brennan asked Malice if he took Octavia to be his lawful wife, in which Malice replied he did not for he took her as his lawful and beautiful queen. Following this, Brennan in a wise moved adjusted his next question, asking if Octavia took Malice as her lawful husband and king. Having heard Octvia reply with a affirmative they were quickly given their ceremonial band and ring to represent as a symbol of their love and sealed union.

We were presented with the new husband and wife, Malice and Octavia! Once told that he could now kiss the Bride, Malice, quickly dipped his bride and celebrated the occasion.

Both Citizen Marcus and Med-Nurse Josiline were taking pictures of the various scenes and people through the ceremony so that the memories of this lovely day would last forever. Following the ceremony the participants were directed to the cafe to spend some time with the happy new couple and enjoy the merriment and mood with some super yummy food and drinks. Hopefully, as our colonies grow and expand this will be the first of many unions to come!

Please give a hearty and happy congratulations to the new happy bridge and groom next time you see them!