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The Laws of the Allied Colonies

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  • The Laws of the Allied Colonies

    The Official Laws of the Society of Allied Colonies
    With the ushering of the first year of the Society of Allied Colonies, under the Administration of Overseer Anselm, I draft forward the first drafting of the Official Laws of the Society of Allied Colonies as is my duty as head of the Ministry of Security.

    These laws are approved and signed by the head of the Lazarus Project, and leader of the Society of Allied Colonies: Overseer Anselm, and the Head of the Ministry of Government: Administrator Brennan.

    General Laws:
    • All hatched citizens of Alpha Colony are per-imprinted with a barcode, located on their neck.
      • Any individual found not having a barcode (ie cut out) is subject to investigation as to their history.
      • Any uncoded individual submits they will be investigated in any way necessary to ensure the safety of their place in the Allied Colonies
      • Exempt from this clause are
        • Documented Mutants
        • Alien creatures (as they would not be hatched)
        • Natural Humans (as they would not be hatched)
        • Cyborgs (they possess a different barcode, and must undergo a different scan, should any arise)
    • In the case that a law is unclear, the word of a ranking member of the Ministry of Security is considered law. Currently, that is the Captain of Security.
      • Should this be disobeyed directly, the Citizen will be faced with a warning on their record. Three warnings will result in one week of jail time for disobedience.
      • Time served may be reduced depending on offense
    • Gross Disobedience - The direct disobeying of an order which results in the disruption of a mission or situation following a mission, involving one or more individuals
      • First Offense: Guilty parties will serve five-seven (5-7) days in a cell
      • Second Offense: Guilty parties will pay 10,000 credits to the Ministry of Security and be forced to work Hard Labor for a specified quota (see: Article Hard Labor)
      • Ongoing Offense: 15,000 credits fine and forced to work Hard Labor for a specified quota amount
        • Inability to pay fines will increase Hard Labor quota.
    • Theft - The taking of objects stolen from any location in any colony. This excludes creatures found in the Green or Delta Tunnels, provided they have not been claimed. Please note that any dead creature found may be someone else's trophy or kill, and it is always correct behavior to ask first. If you don't know, don't take.
      • First Offense: Guilty parties will be forced to return the stolen goods and forced to pay a fine of 5% of the value of the property. If the object was considered Grand Theft (worth 5000+ credits or priceless, depending on case) they will be forced to pay 8% value of property. In both cases, they will be forced to serve jail time of no less than one week.
      • Second Offense: An additional week of jail time, and a fine of 10,000 credits.
      • Ongoing Offense: 15,000 credits and an additional week of jail time per offense. (ie 15000 credits and three weeks for third offense, four weeks for fourth, etc)
    High Crimes:
    • Assault - The offense of assault on ones fellow by way of blaster or melee attack - If the victim is a human or metahuman administrator or head of ministry, the sentencing may be greater. This will be dictated by offense and charges filed.
      • First Offense: Sentenced to jail for one week, and fined 20,000 credits. Following jail service, they will be forced to serve Hard Labor for a specified quota (see: Article Hard Labor)
      • Ongoing Offense: 25,000 credits for each offense, and an additional week for each offense.
      • Continued offenses will label the Citizen an problem citizen and they will be submitted to Mendus for counseling. Provided they are unable to continue as a lawful citizen, they may be put to Hard Labor for life.
    • Murder - The death of another citizen or human.
      • The permanent death of another human or citizen will forfeit the offender's life. They will be recycled.
    • Treason or other crimes against the Colonies' Administration - Offenses that are dire and permanently affect the Colonies and its administration
      • Direct Treason will result in permanent place in the Mendus Institute for counseling, and then placement into Hard Labor for life.
    All other Crimes:
    • Any crime not listed here will be dealt with as "precedence", established in trial, and noted in future Law Drafts.
    You see a small stamping of a triangle at the bottom right of this document, and the letters S.A.C. at each point. Below it are the signatures of Overseer Anselm, Administrator Brennan, and Captain-General Azura

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    Hard Labor
    • Hard Labor is defined as a sentencing where the individual is placed into a enclosed mining facility, where they will be subject to mining a particular quota.
      • This quota will be decided upon sentencing
      • Filling said quota will result in the individual being set free, provided their sentencing does not call for other work
      • Quota may change depending on severity, or lack of funds for fines due at time of sentencing
    • The individual in Hard Labor must relinquish all items on their person, and will be issued a plain jumpsuit with a mining laser, a trunk to store mined goods, a simple bed, a toilet, and basic food and water
    • The individual will relinquish their commerce bracelet, not allowing them to earn ongoing funds during Hard Labor
    • At the conclusion of Labor, the individual may continue, or wait. They will be checked by a foreman daily on their progress at the same time. If the individual misses their appointment (sleeps through it) they will have to wait for the next day. If the foreman misses their appointment, they will contact the individual as soon as possible.
    • Coms will be disabled.



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