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Colony Security and the Armed Forces of the Allied Colonies

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  • Colony Security and the Armed Forces of the Allied Colonies

    Colony Security and the Armed Forces of the Allied Colonies
    Ministry: Security and Law
    Head: Azura (Surname Unknown)
    Role/Title: Captain (Civil/Criminal)/General (In times of war)
    • Oversees and heads law enforcement
    • Enforces and Mandates Law
    • Oversees Martial Defense and Security

    Colony Security -

    Also known as SEC or the Police, this unit of individuals are expected to uphold and enforce the Law of the Colonies, as put forth and approved by the Government Ministry of the Allied Colonies, the Overseer of the Allied Colonies, and the head of the Ministry of Security. The leader of Colony security is ranked Captain, who oversees her Officers and recruits. The Investigative branch, a branch of law enforcement attached to the Colony SEC, is lead by the Lead Detective, who reports under the Captain, and overseers his Detectives. All entry level positions begin as recruits, and can later branch out to formal law enforcement as an officer, or under the investigative branch as a detective.

    Colony Security Roles:
    • Captain: Azura
      • Officers:
    • Lead Detective: Darick
      • Detectives: Malice
    • Recruits: Kell

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    Armed Forces -

    The Armed Forces of the Allied Colonies consist of individuals sworn to protect the Colonies from time of war, or ensure the defenses in times of peace. The Armed Forces leader is ranked General, who overseers her soldiers and ensures they are trained in case of invasion, enemy attack, or backup to law enforcement. Entry level positions are ranked Private, and increase in rank based on service length, merit, and/or experience. The General reports directly to the Overseer and Administrator of the Lazarus Project. Armed Forces personnel are identifiable by a military card worn on their uniform that displays name and rank.

    Armed Forces Roles:
    • General: Azura
    • Colonel:
    • Lieutenant:
    • Sergeant: Kryble
    • Corporal:
    • Privates: Araine, Jett
    Special roles - Individuals noted as reserve units or specialists may be called in times of war, but are not required to follow the same regiment as enlisted soldiers. Usually these individuals are rare and utilized only on special cases or for special roles, such as science or medic specialists.
    • Specialist:
    • Medics:
    • Reserve:



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