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The Beast Ball and Beauty Bash

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  • The Beast Ball and Beauty Bash

    Please join with me to celebrate our ever growing and productive colony at the end of this month for the following events -

    Beast Ball

    This ball will be held on October 27th at 18:00 until whenever the festivities end! This lovely event will feature dinner and dancing so please come dressed as fancy or as comfy as you want. We will be hosting this event in Delta's lounge and theater.

    Beauties Bash

    We will be hosting a lovely lunch of the 28th of October. This event will be held on the beaches of Utopia! Food, fun and swimming will all be allowed and encouraged.

    Our lovely food goddess Octavia will be catering these events.

    If you are in need a new or updated clothes then please reach out to Eva, or our Fashionista Josi's and her seamstresses. Josi and her seamstresses will be hosting open hours to help you talk out or draw your design for approval to Eva.

    If you have questions or concerns please feel free to out to me via com, headset, email or tablet!

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    Reminder that the first event is tonight starting at 18:00 in the lounge!



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