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Return of the Overseer and the Queen

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  • Return of the Overseer and the Queen

    October 17th, First Year of S.A.C

    On October 17th Sorceress Yuno graced us with fourth and fifth meeting. The forth meeting was very fleet in which she helped us attempt to locate Overseer Anselm whom no one had seen in a little over a week. She was able to reach out with her presence and help give us clues to guide us to her. We later out she has been stuck in a time gas bubble underneath the colony and had thought it had been less then half a hour since she left us. She was also able to aid citizen Kyrble in a little snippet of that he had been searching for.

    Sorceress Yuno came again that same night to visit our dear Rosie. She seemed fascinated by the child and offered her the use of her crown. A sparkling, shining crown thus sat upon young Rosie’s head for the rest of the evening. Once satisfied with her new rank, the Sorceress asked Rosie if she would like to hear a story and Rosie answered in the affirmative.

    We were then treated to a tale about the different kinds of Kori and very basic understanding of their caste system. We were also graced with a little bit more knowledge on the first queen - Seh-Ly-Tha, first and thus far only of her name. We know that this powerful Sorceress and Queen was this planets version of our Sally and thus far the only queen able to wield time magic. We were also informed that the next queen to do so would be the last queen of the Kori and be burdened with a grim fate.

    After telling Rosie her story she mentioned Rosie was looking for someone and offered to help find her. For those of you not aware Rosie is looking for mother, Elizabeth, as well as the Felixes. The Sorceress had to use a great deal of power but as able to determine that Rosie’s mom was safe and untouched in a cryopod In the medical station of Delta. She was also able to locate the Felixes working in between dimensions.

    This use of her power, however, left the Sorceress feeling exhausted and after asking to tend to our questions, set about returning to the fourth dimension to rest and recuperate. Rosie quickly fled off to see what she could get to as Medical is the lowest in Delta and likely blocked by a lot of debris. I have been told that ADAM is currently aiding but because of the depth and blockage it will take a good amount of time to get too.

    As always this article is liable to change as new or updated information is provided. Please see Veronica or Araine if you have any questions.

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