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Beauty & Beast Ball: Look Book

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  • Beauty & Beast Ball: Look Book

    DAY ONE:

    Name: Araine:
    Beauty or Beast: Beast (Spider)
    Outfit: By Josiline

    Standing before you is a simplistic, but beautiful woman of flawless pale skin and head of luxurious ruby hair which reaches mid back in elegant waves. In her hand is a slender glass of champagne and dangerous looking spider-shaped black mask. The woman is wearing a glittering black and red ball gown with a matching ruby purse and satin black high heels. Her jewelry consists of stunning diamond bracelet, a ruby beaded choker, and a pair of dainty plastisteel and heart-shaped ruby earrings.
    A tall man in a tuxedo stand behind her with a charming smile curved onto his lips. His arms gently curl around her waist in a modest lovers embrace.

    Gown: This is a stunning, ruby red satin and tulle floor-length ball gown that consists of a sleek princess-cut bodice that extends to the waistline where a full, pleated a-line skirt gracefully cascades to the floor. The strapless neckline intensifies the polished style of the gown and glittery black lace decorates the corset to provide a whimsical touch. The gown closes via barely visible back laces that not only secures the garment but conforms to the curves of the bust to lift and reveal a marginal amount of cleavage. A black tulle overlay delicately rests atop the skirt lending a unique blend of black and red to the overall garment.


    Beauty or Beast:Beast (Panther)
    Outfit:By Veronica

    Neatly sketched is the tall, masculine form of a man with an athletic-toned figure. The soft brush of his polished copper hair precisely pairs with the warm bronze of his skin. He carries a partially brimming glass of bourbon and two bottles of alcoholic drinks. He handsomely dons a black and green suit which consists of black oxford shoes, an emerald green tie, a tailored midnight black blazer, a pair of black linen dress pants and a fitted midnight black cotton shirt. Snuggled into his side with a smile is a fiery redheaded woman in a matching ensemble.

    Blazer: This single button midnight black blazer fits snug to the wearers body. It features a notched lapel, allowing for more comfortable movement. A singular shiny black button rest a little more then halfway above the wearers torso, accentuating the top half of the torso in a wide v shape.
    Pants: This midnight black linen dress pants with straight legs that are tailored to flatter the body. Two pockets sit on at the top of the pants. Crisp pleats run all the way down the length of the pants to end in a neat cuff.
    Shoes: A pair shiny black men leather oxford dress shoes that curve to sit just below the ankles. They have a thin black lace to allow for tightening and loosening.


    Name: Jett
    Beauty or Beast: Beauty
    Outfit: By Josiline

    A strapping, young man stands tall as poses with a woman of natural beauty and red hair, his arms collect the small frame of the woman against his chest. His satiny skin is tanned, and his hair is of a vibrant maya blue shade. A sparkling glass of champagne adorns his hand and paired with a black and silver wristwatch. He dons a pair of black leather dress shoes, a black velvet tuxedo jacket, a white satin bow-tie, a dashing black velvet vest, a black satin top hat, a white satin long-sleeved shirt and a pair of black velvet pants.

    Top Hat: This is a tall, flat-crowned hat made of fine satin and features broad brim.
    Tuxedo Jacket: This is a timeless masculine tuxedo jacket that dashingly conforms to the torso of the wearer. It features a rich black satin lining and luxurious velvet peak lapels. Six ornate silver buttons handsomely adorn the front of the jacket beneath the lapels while three more are featured at the cuff of each sleeve. A knee-length tail coat completes the jacket, giving a debonair appearance.
    Vest: This is a sleeveless upper body garment that is typically worn on formal occasions. This garment has a deep v neckline and is secured via a row of silver buttons up the torso. It is traditionally worn beneath a coat or jacket and over a shirt.
    Shoes: A pair of sleek black dress shoes that completely conceal the feet of the wearer and extends to just above the ankle. It features a round toe and a rubber sole. The shoes are secured at the front by matching black laces.


    Name: Josiline
    Beauty or Beast: Beast (Octopus)
    Outfit: By Josiline

    A short, elegantly shaped woman stands before the viewer with the gentle curve of her ruby lips against the pure alabaster of her skin. Soft, silky platinum blonde hair drapes over her back in a cascade of curls, dipping to her hips. At her neck is a shimmering diamond and platinum necklace which matches the diamond bracelet and nose ring she dons. In her right hand is a snow white velvet clutch purse, while her left hand is extended out of the frame. She is draped in an ombre charmeuse strapless gown and a pair of snow white heeled shoes.

    Gown: This is a sleek, gradient black and cinnamon gown that tastefully hugs the curves of the upper body, emphasizing the torso of the wearer before elegantly flaring out at the hips into a floor-length skirt. The black bodice seamlessly shifts into a warm cinnamon brown shade as it reaches the skirt ending in pale brown at the hem. The exotic, ombre gown consists of a supportive, boned bodice featuring a v-shaped back and petaled off-shoulder sleeves. The neckline dips into a wide sweetheart shape which reveals a modest amount of cleavage and collarbone. The lavish a-line skirt loosely falls over the hips and gracefully trails behind the wearer in a voluminous train. The right side of the flowing skirt features a mid-thigh slit that tastefully offers a narrow view of the wearer's leg. The gown closes utilizing a sleek, invisible zipper up the back of the gown.


    Name: Octavia
    Beauty or Beast: Beauty
    Outfit: By Josiline/Evalyn

    A tall, svelte woman of immaculate creamy-white skin stands here with hip-length silky night black hair, woven upward with golden hair sticks in an elegant japanese style. In her hand is an exotic, midnight ruby eye mask that matches the stunning off-the-shoulder satin kimono. A pair matching, traditional sandals accessorizes her outfit along with a glossy red-oak sheath worn on the back which holds an electric-blade katana. A glittery platinum bracelet and a platinum and blue-diamond ceremonial ring complete the outfit.

    Mask: This midnight ruby mask is of excellent quality and craftsmanship. The shape around the eyes and the way it wraps over the face, as well as the high quality of details and ornaments that were added to this mask, all come together in harmony to give it a exotic look. It almost appears as though it was designed for a debutante ball, from old renaissance eras. It has two heavy velveteen ties attached on either side to ensure the perfect fit.
    Gown: This dark red satin kimono is of gorgeous design, it features dambi-straight-lined robes that sensually drape off the shoulders and descend to the ankle and extend into a short train at the back; the attached collars and long, wide sleeves add a grace and elegance to the garment. The kimono folds left over right, and is secured in place by a sash(obi) which is tied at the back. It is of outstanding quality.


    Name: Veronica
    Beauty or Beast: Beauty
    Outfit: By Veronica

    A radiant, curvaceous woman of beautiful, pale freckled skin poses on the sketch with a tall man dresses in similar clothing. Her silky, golden-streaked, scarlet hair is woven with several stands of gemstones before lavishly draping over her back and shoulders. Delicate fingers clasp a sparkling glass of champagne and an emerald lace clutch in her free hand. A single, polished bronze bangle her writs while a flowing, emerald dress and a pair of emerald satin heeled stilettos envelops her body.

    Gown: A long, emerald green dress with a form-fitting damask v-shaped corset that hat snugly conforms to curves of the wearer while supporting and lifting the breasts to reveal a decent amount of cleavage. A small bit of emerald and gold straps drape around the arms , right at the same level of the bodice's neckline. This design is such that the shoulders, collarbone and neck are bare. The layered organza skirt of this dress cascades over the wearer's hips and legs, swirling almost ethereally until it just kisses the floor as little flicks of gold catch along the light.

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    DAY TWO:

    Name: Ariel
    Beauty or Beast: Beast (Spider)
    Outfit: By Josiline

    A diminutive, oriental young woman stands at the fore of the sketch; one hand is propped on her left hip as she smiles at the camera. She has a vibrant bluish grey complexion and long, sparkling shadow hair worn up in a voluminous ponytail that drapes over her small back.

    Gown: This eerie, yet graceful, black and white floor-length gown smoothly glides down the body of the wearer and luxuriously cascades into a sweeping asymmetric train. The sleeveless bodice of the gown has a V-shaped neckline which dips between the breasts while managing to modestly conceal any cleavage. The back of the gown descends into a deep V that ends at the waistline, displaying the shoulders and elegant curve of the spine. Wisps of intricate, three-dimensional off-white fabric decorate the garment resembling the silky lines of cobwebs which flow over the entirety of the gown. With each movement of the wearer the old, silky, tangled webs billow in the air but remain connected.
    Shoes: A pair of daring high heeled shoes crafted of a fine, five-inch heel and an open toe. The shoe consists of two separate cages in the shape of decorative black cobwebs that grace the front portion of the foot. The sole of the shoe mimics the shape of the cobwebs as it cages the bottom of the foot and closes around the ankle via thin straps. A small, black spider accent the center of the toe to complete the shoe.

    Name: Kell
    Beauty or Beast: Beauty
    Outfit: By Mitz

    Posing with a small cup of mocha and a nebulous black satin clutch is a petite, slender woman of a luminous alabaster complexion. She has long, black hair partially shaven on one side of the head with the remainder hanging freely over the right shoulder. The woman is clothed in a blood-red strapless tartan laced mini dress, a pair of nebulous black fishnet stockings, black leather combat boots and nebulous black stocking gloves.

    Dress: A blood red strapless tartan laced mini-dress laces with thick black ribbon from the top down securing the corset’s front panel and flares slightly at the skirt accentuated by tattered black twill tufts protruding below.
    Gloves: A pair of nebulous black mesh stocking gloves appear to be tattered, perhaps intentionally in several places and are secured at the upper bicep by a wide band while the fingers are left uncovered aside from a look that stretches around the middle finger.
    Stockings: A pair of nebulous black over the knee fishnet stockings appear to be tattered, perhaps intentionally in several places.


    Name: Mitz
    Beauty or Beast: Beauty
    Outfit: By Josiline

    A curvy young woman of a pale-rose complexion stands here with a whimsical smile upon her pink lips. She has glossy, pink-streaked raven hair, cut short and tucked behind an ear which reveals a shimmery platinum stud. Her sparkling silver nails delicately tap along the nebulous black satin clutch that she carries. A prismatic crystal choker adorns her neck while her body is decorated in a navy sequence lace mermaid gown and a pair of nebulous black satin heeled stilettos.

    Gown: This is a sleek and stylish, floor-length gown that conforms to the body before cascading to the floor in a voluminous, sweeping train. It features modest neckline and sparkling sequins with a delicate, sheer floral lace pattern that adorns the gown. An empire waist hugs the curves the body and flares out at the bottom to create a figure-flattering mermaid-style skirt. The high bateau neckline modestly conceals all cleavage while exposing the shoulders and arms; the back of the gown features wide crisscrossing lace straps which reveal an open back and closes per and invisible hook.



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