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Initial meetings of the Blattarians

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  • Initial meetings of the Blattarians

    October 30, First year of S.A.C

    In the early morning hours I was introduced to Priestess Atlas of the Blattarians, who was given access to come Via our lovely regent Rosie. She come seeking to improve relations between our people and hers. She hopes to gain access to trade, commerce, education and mutual prosperity. The All Father, who many colonist know as Henry, has informed her we must be informed of their ways before getting access to their town so we will be doing a series of interviews that I will be relaying on this boards.

    I learned a great many things for the lovely Priestess today, two of the most prominent being that even entering into the sections we have access to requires special permission and to leave Delta is hearsay. The other is that they are very cautious about who they touch. I am told that touching leads to breeding so please be mindful and respectful should you encounter of them.

    They reside in a city buried deep under Delta colony, and I am told, is one of the few remaining places that are intact. They often keep tamed cockroaches as pets, which are much unlike the feral ones in Delta tubes. They consider being called cockroaches a deep insult, much as if you were to call another meta a Ape. They previously, when their city was larger, had a caste system, but the 'rebels' who were at the bottom of the caste, were corrupted by the Kii and caused a 'great purge'. They hold a great distaste for the Kii and for Firefly.

    They have two important documents in their belief system, the Dictionary and the Doctrine. The Doctrine is a gathering of documents from many people over their history to form what seems to be their religion. This religion holds for important figures - The All Father, who is Henry. The Guardian, who is Rosie. The Maker and the destroyer, who is Firefly. They believe both their cockroach and human originators come from a building called ' The Ark' but regrettably the do not have much information on it as of now other then it is there people fled after the great calamity that destroyed the planet.

    Regrettably our time was quickly over but I look forward to asking her more questions in the future. If you have anything you would like me to ask for you please feel free to reach out via com, phone or email. I am unsure when she will be able to visit next due to requiring special permission but will make sure to retain anything you wish to have knowledge on.

    For any questions, concerned or correction please see Citizen Veronica

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