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    October 30th, First year of S.A.C

    We were again treated to a visit by Priestess Atlas who visited with myself, Jett and Araine in the lobby of Delta colony. She brought us treats of 'Honeydew' which came from the prize Alphid, a small wooly creature that she had garnered special permission to introduce us to. We went over quite a bit of new information which, as per her previous request will be presented to your here.

    She explained the Alphid to us, which is much like our livestock is to them. It is a small wooly creature, in which they sheer and use a 'fabric processor' to form into whole pieces of fabric for garment making. She also expressed that it would be capable of combining the scraps fabrics found on Delta colony. These Alphids are use also for nourishment and treats as acid, sweet and inert rotation is considered very favored food in 'Trash city'.

    She mentioned, also, that they were a peaceful colony and that any type of violence was considered hearsay to their beliefs. They have only recently broached into scientific study, focusing mostly on the Temple, which deals with all spiritual, belief and well being aspects of the colony. This is also on par Logistics and Enrichment center which deals with society and working aspects of the colony. We also were informed that while Rosie is currently working on their monetary system they have nothing currently, and relay on knowledge of respect and work done and have a bustling market district.

    Trash City, comprises the whole bottom floor of Delta, which we were informed is three levels down and use to be the 'recycling' center of Delta colony. Most of the colony speaks Blatt, and hope to have everyone taught human before the next brooding cycle. The language of the Kii is forbidden. Due to their shorter lifespans and issues with fertile male lifespans they need not worry about overpopulating but they do brood frequently, females as often as 10 to 20 cycles while fertile males are often able to accomplish 2-3 cycles. They do however form bonds with non-breeding partner, though they are unconfined by our typical standards, forming a partnership with as many as needed. They raise their children as a community, a future generation, all together

    For any questions, concerns or corrections please see Citizen Veronica

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