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Return of the Skinks

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  • Return of the Skinks

    Last night, while scaving and talking in the tunnels Citizens Araine, Britt, Jett, Veronica and little queen Rosie we set upon by a bright orange skink. This creature was the size of a large dog and quite fierce in its attacks. It was quickly dispatched but almost as soon as it was another purple one appeared in its place.

    With previous knowledge of these creatures Queen Rosie and Citizen Araine was able to determine that is skink mating season and thus out seeking roaches to find their tiny little ones and becoming more territorial and aggressive than normal.

    Two little young skinks were also seen, and it was noted that when they are this small and young they do not seem to be aggressive.

    Please be mindful when hunting to scaving in the second floor of Delta and be alert for any skinks that might seek to do you harm.

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