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    All parties of SAC present to the First Contact of an Alien Society will show no undue hostility except in the case of defense of the SAC from incoming Alien hostility.

    If Alien Ambassador shows hostility, summon any active soldiers and SEC force through way of mental coms. Continue to show a defensive stance, attempting to diffuse hostility in as safe a way as possible until said backup arrives. It is expected, however, that all formal meetings of Alien Ambassadors be done in a grouping of no less than three, with two soldiers or SEC present if possible, or armed combatant if not, as well as the chosen Ambassador, to begin the communication process.

    First Contact shall begin with the exchange of greetings in respectful distance in the common Human tongue, gauging the response of the Alien Entity and establishing your base language. If the Alien responds in foreign tongues, observe body language, if possible, to gauge possible ways to communicate. Encourage the contact of linguists and scientists to establish a means of communication. Until such time as a universal translator can be finished with Sally's work.

    Should First Contact arrive on an Alien World, we would be expected to conduct ourselves as the Alien, arriving on a native land, and would such -never- engage in hostile offense, provided we are not fired upon first. If we are fired upon, we are, of course, expected to defend ourselves as best we can to preserve the peoples of the SAC, and the safety of the Colonies, as well as the defense of any portals leading back to SAC Territories, including, but not limited to: the planets of Helios, Earth (or Teris), Old Earth (or Omega), and Utopia (formally UE-103)

    The portals have the unique properties of acting as a border between worlds, and these worlds are not even always within the same universe. Those borders dictate the beginning of one territory, and the end of that territory, and as such we can formally establish bases of operations, or embassies, depending on the situation.

    If possible, embassies will be allowed for all documented Alien societies, provided they file with the Overseer, and the government of the SAC. All SAC embassies will be based according to Alien laws, to ensure proper trade and established contact with multiple cultures. Only then will we allow formal travel between colonies by any entities not formally established as Ambassador.


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