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  • The Department of Practical Sciences Presents:

    The Department of Practical Sciences

    November 9th, 1400 hours
    Biological Engineering and Mutations

    The first in a series of scientific lectures about what we know in Science, pertaining to the research obtain here within the various colonies of the SAC.

    The first topic will be held by Bio-Engineer Ariel, pertaining to mutations and genetic alterations.

    Come with curiosity and questions, as we discuss and speak on the variety of progress made in mutant science, and genetic mutation, and the progress of biological engineering. New students and hopefuls are expected to take this opportunity to progress in their field.

    November 16th, 1400 hours
    Temporal Studies and Physics

    Curious about time travel, teleportation, and the science that goes along with it? Join .................................................. ..................... [[This posting appears to have garbled up and become encrypted or destroyed]]

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    -Bio-Engineer Ariel
    -Ministry Head of Practical Sciences
    -Biological Mutations and Cybernetic Engineering
    -Phone: Ariel1

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    A reminder - This is this afternoon, in the Physics Office. You can find this by going into the Science Building, and heading due west until you reach the office.
    -Bio-Engineer Ariel
    -Ministry Head of Practical Sciences
    -Biological Mutations and Cybernetic Engineering
    -Phone: Ariel1


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      This has been pushed to 4pm!
      -Bio-Engineer Ariel
      -Ministry Head of Practical Sciences
      -Biological Mutations and Cybernetic Engineering
      -Phone: Ariel1


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        Notes from -Biological Engineering and Mutations-

        Today we talked about two types of mutation -Natural and Genetic.

        Examples of natural mutation include - extra limbs, albinism, hetero-chromatic eyes and various shapes in eyes and pupils.

        We also discussed evolutionary mutation such as the screaming fruit, birds from early reptiles,

        Oranges were engineered much like the screaming fruit we have. They came from tangerines and Pomelos.

        The creatures in the green are both a natural environmental mutation and genetic tampering. They were all altered before being placed within the dome but naturally adapted to survive once they got here, carving out their own territories and hunting habits.

        Mutations by man - Lumi (Arachnopus) and Metas are both mutations by man, domesticated animals, cloned animals and metas

        "Metahumans are a mutation in themselves, but only in the sense that we are organically grown. Semantics would say we are simply another species of human. We look the same, we act the same, and though we aren't as old, we are pretty much, for better or worse, the same. Except we hatch quickly and have barcodes."

        Examples of Metahuman mutants - Araine, Ariel, Chara and Peajay.

        Benefits of mutation could include quality of life and survival

        "The science behind mutants and the use of it has changed in a few short years, due to the individuals studying it. Mutant genes can help people. Using my studies, I can preserve someone's sight following damage to their eyes to allow for a cybernetic host. Regrow a lost limb in days. Bond it to a cybernetic one instead, of wanted. Things that couldn't be done naturally or would take eons with evolution can be accomplished in mere moments."

        Examples of unique mutations - Araine's hands, Peajay's wings, Chara's antenna, Britt's eyes, Veronica's Smile, Mitz's fingernails

        Please come to the lesson next week for temporal studies!


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          My lecture will be this afternoon as previously scheduled.

          NOTE - It will actually start later, around 4pm, due to some unforeseen matters (ooc work)


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            This is starting now!


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              Temporal Studies and Physics notes -

              Time is science that was founded originally on the theory that we exist in one universe. That everything that has happened, has happened, and everything that will happen has not. That we only live now, in this second, this fraction of a second, and that is it. However, we know this not to be the case.

              The ability of a time jumper relies on the navigation on the fact - the fact that not only are there a multitude of endless multiverses, but that they all stem from the various choices made in each nanosecond, that my choice to hold this lecture today effects tomorrow, where my choice -not- to hold the lecture exists in another universe, which would effect its tomorrow.

              Time = Space - How a time jumper manipulates time

              To be able to manipulate space, to travel between dimension, you must theoretically be able to manipulate time. And vice versa. We've seen this in proof on the planet we call "Teris" a representation of Earth, in the Past, in another universe. Specifically, the Prime universe.Therefore, the portal in the Green - the first portal in our chain and likely not the last, is a portal through time. - This then results in rules -

              Manipulation of the Past does not change the Future-No one can change the past, because they would only affect one timeline. However, every choice creates what we know as the "butterfly effect". You choose to travel to the past, and pick up a coin. That coin does not get picked up by someone else, thereby causing a rippling effect that changes that individual's future. They did not spend that time bending down to pick up a coin. They arrive sooner to a location, which maybe has an effect on who they interact with that day. So on and so forth.To deal with this "butterfly effect", the universe course corrects, creating multiple universes as a result. A universe where you picked up the coin, and a universe where you did not.
              Tiny little "choices" like this are the very foundation of the creation of the multiverse, the creation of unlimited realities. Some bearing fruits of such divide as multidimensional creation, or pansdimensional entities.
              Nevertheless, even a Tachyon Parasite is unable to change the past, except for one single condition - the merging of the timeline they change into the timeline they return. This results in a catastrophic event we call 'The Anomaly" - And the death of both tachyon hosts as a result of the amalgamation of two timelines and hosts.

              Amy then asked us why we would travel through time. We received answers such as -to learn from minds now gone, recieve future tech and to right wrongs that had happened

              Tachys -
              Nevertheless, even a Tachyon Parasite is unable to change the past, except for one single condition - the merging of the timeline they change into the timeline they return. This results in a catastrophic event we call 'The Anomaly" - And the death of both tachyon hosts as a result of the amalgamation of two timelines and hosts.No entity is as old as time. That's impossible. But Time need only exist for but a fraction of a nanosecond for an entity to exist almost as old as time. For that there were the passives and the actives. We know them as the Technoids and the Tachyon Parasites. If they have names for themselves, it's unknown. It's hard to document a species that exists everywhere and nowhere is home
              Theoretically there is a tachyon parasite for every universe except the prime, and never more than one. Similarly, there is a Technoid for each timeline, though in this case we know one exists in the prime, leading me to theorize that it is not a "Prime" technoid, but a visitor. That pyramid does not belong on Earth in that location. Nevertheless, it is there. A passive, the technoid, which provides the portals through the fourth dimension and time/space, and the actives: the parasite which provides the power to travel to an individual, or host, or - as you call them - Sally.

              Passive Entity through Time or PET - Exists in a hibernated form, often powering a pyramid or "temple" and providing a portal between worlds and time. Unlike ATE's, PET's provide a connection between one universe or planet to another, and cannot be "changed''

              A technoid provides a two way bridge. It connects one spot to another, and will always connect those two spots. You can't just change the bridge's location or "exit.
              A tachysite is more like a open forest. You can go left, right, north, south, up, dig down, go slightly more northeast than the last time you went northeast, go east and then go south, etcetera.

              Even though a Technoid can live and die with each others our creation and inability to exisit it is -not- a symbotic relationship

              Earth Prime -The timeline divergence is how we all started. It's like a tree. It's like a path. Eventually the path branches, and then each branch has a branch, and so forth and so forth until you have one entrance going to 100,000,000,000 exits.It never became "not prime", though. Every change created another universe, but it always remained Prime
              Yes - It happened the first fraction of a nanosecond of the beginning of time. The prime universe was alone, but only for a indescribable amount of time.All it takes is one atom to explode, and there now exists two universes. One where it exploded, and one where it took just a LITTLE bit longer to explode.Now from those two universes, another atom explodes. Now we have four.

              Theory still being worked on - Time dilation and "time without time" situations are... vastly unpracticed fields. Faster than light travel produces similar side effects.



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