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  • Hello for the first time and the lst time

    November 15th, First year of the society of Allied colonies

    For those of you unaware - we have experience a temporal anomaly. Operator Sally made her last jump. She went back into time to correct the lack over site and care to our darling, sweet Rosie. She went knowing this would be her last jump, and knowing she would not be returning to us in the way we knew her. And our smart, brilliant operator planned for it.

    She made her last jump and corrected what needed to be correct but in doing so she sacrificed her life. She was, however able to jump to another universe where her and Amy agreed to combine. They formed into one person, deleting Sally's universe with her death, combing it into Amy's. Due to a small hole in time from Sally's jump none of us could quite remember her. We remembered Amy vaguely, because to us, we had always had a Amy. But...we hadn't. Once Amy was able to figure out the hole in time and correct it all the memories of Sally came rushing back. As well as all that she had sacrificed. She had left us a video explaining her reasoning and asking us to help Amy to show her the same love and care we had shown Sally cause even though Sally was gone, she was still with us. With Amy.

    Today we hosted a memorial for Sally as we knew here. Below will be the words from those who attended. Their closure and and thoughts. If you were unable to attend and would like to, please add yours to the announcement below.

    Araine - Araine declined making any new comments. She simply stated that anything she would have needed to say would have been in the video she sent Sally to express our care of her.

    Chara - Chara gave a very brief statement about how she missed Sally - I miss Sally. I grieve. And in that grieving I expect time manipulation for her to return to us. But I understand we have a new future with her last gift to us, Amy

    Veronica - When I first came back to the colony, I was still use to old Alpha. Weary of naturals. Especially weary of Sally. This supposed time jumping women had basically just told me everything I had ever known was wrong with words I am pretty sure were actually bigger then my head.
    So I tried to stay away. But her presence just wouldn't allow it. There were stories of her everywhere. Helping the colonist and the colony. Making jumps and sacrifices. Being brave, selfless and good. Maybe I was wrong? So I started letting myself get to know her...and she helped me with my parties...she helped me with my caves and to explore. But she wasn't just helping me. She was helping everyone. She helped with the Kii after we went through the portal. It didn't matter that she was natural and breakable, she was standing right there with us. She helped us with so many things...
    She helped us learn. And she helped us grow. She helped us with the technoids. She created safe spaces and reset and align portals. She took us to whole different times...different universes...different worlds. She introduced me to the first evil alien the portals. She expanded so many of my horizons from just my tiny little colony...
    She started off as natural that I had to be weary of. Someone who used words bigger then my head and didn't slow down. She become a ally. Someone always willing to help. And she kept going until she became my sister and my friend. Her sacrifices were done out not out of need, but out of love. Love of this colony. Love of its people. Love of us. She may be be gone. She may be be somewhere in between. Which ever you believe...she will always be with us...and as long I stand....she will be remembered

    Britt - While Britt's time so far on the colony has been brief he draw on the many adventures and shared interest her had with Sally and their connection - "And I quote... Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen.Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesnt necessarily do it in chronological order, though
    Douglas Adams was a time traveler in -my- mind, offering an expanding universe of stories , impossible or implausible, and rarely in order... but that understanding of time drives home for me...Sally understood time, she understood what was and what could be, and what needed to happen to ensure things "Happened again".
    The last thing she said to me was that ...even if I tried to, I couldn't go where she might have to go...but in a rare moment I believe she was wrong....She took a little part of all of us with her I think.
    I know she took part of me, and I hope that part was enough to help, I hope it jumped through portals and stepped up against guards and refused to stop applying itself no matter who or what got in the way. I hope she knew, hope she knows, how very much her absence was felt."
    She wouldn't, likely, want us moping about...moaning and sobbing at her loss, but its very much that way, every day forward is a day I wait to hear her in coms, or spot the crackle of energy before she pops into the office....and I miss her.I also think she'd say something like "Come on Britt, you're smarter than that, look at it from a different angle, see the whole
    So that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to do it the Sally way, Im not here to say goodbye, Im here to say hello, for the last time, and the first time. Because what she took with her, of us, must be equal to what we keep of her...right?
    She's with us, really with us, because Amy is with us and I hope those parts of us she took will help Amy, I hope I can help Amy, because I cant -not- try to save her, as someone once told me..Because really, we have -always- had an Amy haven't we, and a Sally, and both are amazing, and worthwhile and deserving.So name is Britt, and Im here to happen...I hope we can all happen together, with Amy, with Sally, with all of those who make our days worth waking up for...

    Bio-Engineer Ariel - Ariel also dug deep into her past with Sally and expressed herself eloquently -When I first met Sally, I was instantly enthralled by her. It was her first day on Alpha, and she was like a kid meeting her idols, running around having people sign her autograph book, excitedly pointing at things and people she'd only seen on TV before
    I remember Adam was particularly annoyed by her. She wanted to hug everyone. We were already her family and we didn't even know it.
    She... begged me to take a picture with her. I found out later that in her timeline, she had funded and starred in a movie based on a lumi attack, and that she even played that part of me in it... and that she possessed various anime based on a mad scientist that had a big resemblance to me.
    She had a jacket she wore all the time. Patches and buttons of various members of Alpha... all of us were her favorites. She used to say she grew up and fell in love with us all. And when her earth was destroyed, and then later her space station, she almost seemed,... glad to be stuck with us. We truly became her family then
    Sally was more than just a natural who helped us out. She was the voice of reason one moment, and the confusing conundrum the next. But she was always improving things for us. Without her we would still be taking the train...
    Heh... She was a sister to me... genetically even, in a way. So much so that I used to have dreams that I was her. Those stopped the day she died...
    I know she would want Amy to be as accepted as family as she was. She would want that same love she felt to be continued.Amy is lost now. And like Sally's message said, we need to help her find herself. We're the ones that have to complete Sally's mission now. Her last one. But knowing how Time is....I am never giving up on Sally.

    Once again, if you had anything you would like to say about Sally, please post it below. I look forward to hearing from many of you....And please remember to be welcoming to Operator Amy as she adjusts to her new self. Its what Sally would have wanted...

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