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  • Introduction to Gadget

    11/120 First year of S.A.C

    Earlier today around 17:00 a warning rung out through Delta letting us know that a lethal gas was going to be released. Captain Azura quickly responded as this has not been a approved thing. Upon her excursion to Delta is was determined that Gadget, a friend and previous head of research and development for Delta had been exterminating the skinks in a attempt to aid the Blattarians and the gas was not a danger to anyone warm blooded. She currently aids the Blattarions science division.

    She was however damaged in a way that Azura related to cyborg memory loss. Bio-engineer Ariel was requested and was able to professionally and efficiently help restore Gadget to more of her typical mindset. She then explained the gas to us and seemed glad to see Captain Azura. She did have more work to do with the Blattarians and returned to them and their science division after answering some questions from Chara and Bio-engineer Ariel.

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