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    Hey all,

    As we prepare for the Solstice I want to make sure we have a few fun events ready for everyone to enjoy. A few things maybe be added so please make sure you keep checking back to see if we have any new updates

    Solstice Sport - This will commence Friday the 13th at 22:00 in Alpha's pyramid bar and we will have some nifty little prizes to pick from.

    Solstice sleepover - This will start Saturday the 14th starting at 17:00 in the Alpha's exhibit and park and will commence until everyone has fallen asleep.

    Solstice sustenance - This will Sunday the 15th starting at 12:00 in the Green's coffee cafe and will be a nice casual gather between friends. Wear your PJs if you want!

    TBD - I am still waiting for hear from the Blattarians to see if there painters would be willing to host a arts and craft class from us

    If none of these times work for you, or if you have any other ideas please feel free to reach to me in anyway. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all!
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    Hi all! I have heard back from the Blattarian crafters and we will most likely be -ice sculpting- on the 21rst at 22:00 in the art gallery! If you have any questions, concerns or request please feel free to watch out. I look forward to seeing everyone there


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      Hey all!
      Last nights games were super fun so look for a repeat again before solstice is over!
      Also remember that tonight we will be doing a sleep-over in the park. I should be out and about so please see me for and questions, concerns or comments!


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        Reminder that ice sculpting is tonight around 22:00. Hope to see everyone there!


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          This starts in half a hour! Come celebrate the solstice with us!



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