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    12/1 First Year of the Society of Allied Colonies

    **This is an ongoing issue - Please be aware and mindful as you move about the colony**

    Late yesterday Citizen Veronica was scaving in the east side Delta tunnels when weird music begin to play. She was surrounded by 3 large reindeer and 3 small. She sent an alert out over com with Alchemist Gadget and Chief Engineer Kryble responded too. These reindeer will quickly disposed of. They appeared to have some cybernetic parts molded into them. Gadget and Kryble decided to stay behind while Veronica went to make her way to the colony.

    As she paused to sell her things to the waste unit she was accosted by snowmen made of human, trash and snow. Private Araine, Kryble and Gadget were once again quick to respond. All citizens made their way back to the colony and for a time there was quiet. Later in the evening Gadget, Kryble and Veronica were chatting in the lobby when the room dropped in temperature and creepy music started playing.

    They were quickly accosted by tiny cybernetic lizards dressed as elf. During this fight, Veronica and Gadget were both knocked down and drug from the room. It was at some point during this that the unusual speaking lizards removed and sealed a wound in Veronica's stomach, thus taking her kidney. Kryble went to Delta to check for Gadget

    Gadget awoke on her own and went to the lobby. While assisting Citizen Veronica we listen to Kryble get taken over the coms. Many citizens awoke in an attempt to come to his aid or were forced to battle amongst the creatures as they appeared in Delta. Privates Araine and Jett as well as Britt, Peajay and Jian were heard battling the creatures.

    General Azura was awoken to help take a look for Kryble and secure the threat and Bioengineer Ariel was awoken to Aid Med-Nurse Peajay in tending to Veronica. At this point we were unable to locate Kryble but Ariel was able to start to hack and dissect into one of the elfs.

    Please see the next report for more information about the return of Kryble

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