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Escape of Cheif Engineer Kryble

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  • Escape of Cheif Engineer Kryble

    12/2 first year of the Society of Allied Colonies
    **This is an ongoing threat - Please be aware of your surroundings**

    This afternoon around 13:00 Chief Engineer Kryble who had previously been captured by evil cybernetic solstice creatures made contact via com. He let those awake know that he was proceeding to Administrator Brennan's office to give his overview of his time kidnapped. While he appeared a little worse for wear he did seem to have all his organs. Below is the information he was able to ascertain and remember.

    He was in the east tunnels when he heard Alchemist Gadget talk about a citizen missing a kidney and the music began to play. He was overrun by six of the elf lizards and one of the zombie trashsnowman. The snowman was able to get behind him while he was attempting to fight off the elves.

    He woke in a cramped cage in a dusty and old corridor. The cage was filled with rocks, which given what we now know, can be assumed to be coal. The creatures that took Kryble did not understand the gloves or search him. They did take his obvious gun but he was able to keep his gloves and ceramic dagger on himself . He heard lots of noises which he assumed to be machines and there was blood everywhere.

    It appears the cybernetically enhanced creatures answer to a big creature in a red suit. He appears to be either cybernetic or mech. He continually dragged his metal hand against the cage while taunting Kryble if he was naughty or nice. Good citizens get presents and naughty citizens get cut open. It seems that this creature is intent on harvesting organs and is using his minions to help do so.

    Thankful a scanner that appeared to be used to scan organs had a brief malfunction and Kryble was able to use that to dash away. Regrettably in the fight the ensued he was unable to decipher directions and is not caught sure where he came from.

    Kryble is currently recovering and resting and was last seen being tended to from Adminstrator Brennan.

    Please be mindful of your surroundings and watch for creepy giggling, music or sudden drops in temperature.


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