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Appearance of the Mandile

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  • Appearance of the Mandile

    Last night on the 9th day of January of the second year, around 22:00, we had first contact with a creature currently being called a mandile.

    While hunting in the green Citizens Britt, Chance, Murdoch and Veronica heard a strange gutteral roar. Shortly after the mandile walked in and asked us what we were doing. He was covered in green scales, with sharp cheeks and a uneven mouth. He had no hair to speak of but did had a tail much like the crocs we fight in the green. He was not wearing any clothes and would not accept any due to his being cold blood.

    The being seemed to be cordial and nice but very basic in his thought processes. He claimed to be a experiment of Wei and hinted at many more being out there. He had a great distaste for the late doctor and was pleased at his passing. He did seem to offend easier which could be attributed to a multitude of factors but he also distracted and calmed just as easily.

    Citizen Britt offered him a gift from our people. He extended a shiny metal fork to him which the mandile took great pleasure in. A series od bows between the two began in earnest thanks. He then bid us good hunting and said he would not fault us for good sport before he wandered off and disappeared back into the swamp.

    If you do encounter this being please remember that much like many of us he has suffered at the hands of Wei and seems to be a very resonable person if not slightly baser because of the animal traits within.

    Please feel free to reach out with any corrections, concerns or questions.