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    Heya, heya. While I do still plan on hosting the upcoming picnic and sparring match and while I do still vastly enjoy the utter nifty little things to try to do around the colony I think its time we start to worry bout the saftey of our colony. I would like to host a meeting to discuss the latest threats, wants and needs of our colony. Please come if you want to discuss anything you would like to see in, out or around the colony. Anything you think we might need. Also please join if you wish to discuss the latest threats to the colony and how to take care of them or even to voice your concerns on things you think might be threats. Naturals of course, are more then welcome to join in. I hope to host this meeting Tuesday around 9 at night in the bar. I hope to see lottsa people there.
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    I have enough of these meetings on my own with capable enough people who've been caring about the safety of the colony. No offense, but I prefer spontaneously talking about this with my friends rather than at pre-destined times, thats how ya can tell someone actually gives a d***.

    Also, I'd like to add, you can't just come up outta no where with a 'meeting' and expect to be taken serious by most people when you haven't lifted a finger to do sh*t to help anyone and all your actions pertaining to a certain -MONSTER- were detrimental to almost every living meta. And no, I really don't care if that part offends you, I hope it does.


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      And while you are welcome to your own opinion, Citizen Zek, but your spontanous talking does not seem to involve the whole colony and I wish to talk about colony issues. I care but I refrain from talking about it such times. You can of course have your own meetings I am merely trying to make it so those that care but fear or are to timid to talk about it randomly can. And I am doing it at a pre-destianed time because not everyone is in the same room at the same time and this will allow them to do such a thing. Hopefully it will remain civil and open minded and try to see things from everyones point of view


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        Good luck with that.


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          I had not noticed you had changed your previous words, Zek. No. It does not offend me. I believed that the Xenomorph was not a complete monster though I do not agree with his tatics. You are entitled to your own opinion. I know I was not helpful in the Xenomorph situation from most peoples views but I have helped with other cuases. And I am not saying whatever must be violent or that the threat will need to be killed or such thingies. I merely was gonna attempt a open discussion about things. Other then just threats. Or perhaps if attempted things most people consider to be threats could be switched there view given the right evidence in a none violent enviroment. You are welcome to your own opinion but I have tried a few times in a few different ways to help the colony. Tis your choice to decide wither you take me serious or not.


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            um... Can I interject here a moment please? Zek, if I may say, V is not alone in having made what others consider poor choices. You have also made what others might consider poor choices, and I will not elaborate on them here in public. I am guilty of having made poor choices as well, and anyone wanting to know can email me and I will elaborate on my poor choices privately.

            To be sure Zek, you and I haven't had a chance *as friends* to do much talking lately. I'm banned from the Falcon. Not to mention that friends tend to be like minded people, and you generally only see one side of the issue that way.

            Kudos to V for at least attempting to get a discussion going.

            You want to call me out to the circle for it, then call me out for it. I'm getting tired of people snarking at each other. Snarking at each other isn't going to settle anything or solve anything.
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              Hey I care about the colony!

              I would not have risked my life to save others when Monty came into the colony if I didn't care. I lost my right shoulder and feeling in my left leg from that thing and I don't care what anyone tries to say about what they are going to do about the colony, but unless you are actually going to do something it is pointless to even have a meeting.