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    After the crocodile hunt Citizen Kalli found two limbs which are assumed currently to have come from a victim of the giant crocodile. These limbs were given to Forensic Tec Dominique for further investigation

    Another body was found last night. Citizen Kalli mentioned she thought she heard someone following her and then heard someone calling for help. This bodies head is remove along with the two limbs. Chewing wounds mark this body so it likely that it is the body the limbs should be attached to that were found the night before.

    Please be careful while traversing the green as currently it appears to be even more dangerous then usual.


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      While lounging in my bed I heard a ship pass by so I went to investigate. The merchant appears to have been restocked during this ships visit or sometime recently. It has been loaded with things such as gas masks, Medical salts and much desired rafts. There are also statues, art kits and many other things so please visit your local merchant and see whats around to buy!


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        The massive croc wandering the Green has been removed. It should no longer be a problem, thanks to those that have helped. However, some of its babies do remain. Be cautious of them.



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          And so the red Ship Fell

          Month 12, day 20

          All was quiet in alpha, that is, before a storm showed up in the green. During the storm a delivery ship from Beta was knocked from the sky and made an emergency "landing" in the mushroom forest. The pilot, Merchant Nichols, lost some cargo on the way down and he needs us citizens to find it.

          So heres the plan
          Go in the green and search every spot for a festive ticket. Find the ticket and relax. You'll be able to return it to Nichols for a prize from the ship's vault later on so keep it close and don't give it away.
          (ooc: the command is simple: go into a spot in the green and type "Search here" if you don't get an emit, travel somewhere else and try again. You'll know when you've found a search zone.)
          This is they crazy may know him as Malice or that insane idiot thats about to jump in front of the train...whats that mother? That light isnt heaven and I -should- go to it? Ok!!

          Malice (how the crazies will see him)


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            17th day 3rd month

            While Araine, Actaeon, Veronica and I were seeking out the legendary golden crabs by the lake, we were suddenly attacked by strange skeleton fish. These fish look exactly as I say, they have a transparent like skin so they appear like a fish skeleton. They are quick powerful and should be watched out for, all you fishers out there.

            Also, some rock tumbling was heard, so please be cautious of your surroundings, you do not want to be stuck under some heavy boulders!


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              Along with the see-through fish that Forensic-Tech Domi mentioned previously there has also been sightings of a giant white rat within the tunnels in the colony so when doing your missions there please be weary. It seems to enjoy eating slugs and one doesn't know what that can do to a rodent's mind. It seems as though all the recent upheaval of activity has unearthed a few rabid beasties. Please be careful when doing the new Phibes missions and enjoy!


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                Danger In The Green!

                Falling Trees:
                Today Actaeon was found in the swamp area of the green under a fallen tree. He's hurt considerably, but it seems like he'll make a recovery. It's not certain what caused the tree to fall, but it was highly dangerous because it has barbs, and was heavy enough to crush bones.

                Gorilla People:
                Also, today while riding the train several citizens heard banging and screeching against the passenger cars while the train was moving. It is a possibility that it could be Gorilla people.

                Giant Bunnies:
                Some giant bunny sitings were made today. They appear every now and then, and are barely dangerous. They are large, fluffy hares (Yes they have fur).
                Last edited by Arainey; 04-04-2010, 10:35 PM. Reason: Giant Bunnies aren't that dangerous afterall...


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                  4th Month 13th day, Year 5


                  Its uncertain who the culprit of this foul act is. However, it was most unfortunate for Citizen Veronica's 'Little One', as she mysteriously vanished and ended up somehow in the Hatchery tubes. There was attempt to free the poor child from the grip of the mighty hatchery machinery. In the end, Little One was returned properly to her Veronica. The only question to ask now is how the baby ended up in the hatchery; if it were a kidnapping, who would want to steal a baby?


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                    A Second Cocoon

                    Last night I came across a cocoon on my way out to the green. This cocoon is hanging under the train platform. Actaeon and I witnessed it moving, and oozing some kind of nasty gunk. The cocoon is green, with red pulsating veins. It is probably dangerous since the last cocoon was dangerous. So try to avoid it if you can.

                    Also, last night while looking at the cocoon Actaeon and I saw low flying ships in the green. We're not sure what they were doing, but beware in case they're trying to spray the green again.


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                      More On The Cocoon

                      Tonight, Kalli and I encountered some strange happenings in the green.

                      All evening there were more low flying ships. These ships, who did not seem to really care if innocent people were in the green, gassed the entire green except maybe the caves. Kalli and I were the only two citizens that I know of in the green at the time and we both experienced burning lungs, temporarily absent vision, and eventually we passed out.

                      After we woke up from this we went back out into the green to collect our dogs. The gas seemed to have worn off by then. We noticed that the once green, closed cocoon under the platform was now busted open and brown just like the other cocoon in the mushroom field. While we were out there we came across a human dog hybrid thing. The dog's face and hair looks similar to my face and hair. Kalli and I believe that this dog is a copy of me and one of the dogs the goo that dropped from the cocoon before touched. This dog/human is intelligent, at least enough to speak. I heard it say one thing which was, "'Foolish doppelgangers. You must die." Then it viciously attacked me. In fact, it attacked me multiple times. This dog is homicidal and is VERY DANGEROUS! It literally tried to rip my throat out with its teeth.

                      What I personally have deducted from the information that Kalli gave me about the last cocoon incident and her experiences with it is that this cocoon, as well as the last one was accidentally dropped in the green. I feel as though the ships that carelessly gassed the green were looking for the cocoon. The goo is supposed to be some kind of weapon that is being tested, which just makes me emphasize how dangerous this dog human copy thing is.



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                        Citizens in need of aid

                        There was a recently a research project going on in the underwater caverns on the green but a mishap has caused the citizens currently residing in there to become trapped. They are safe, for the moment but in desperate need of help. I am told if you go to the deepest part of the lake in the caves you might be able to see some of them. If you want to help please contact citizen Kalli or Professor Mercei. Any aid would be greatly appreciated.


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                          Beware of the lakes.

                          Year 7 Month 2 Day 28

                          Location: The cavern lake

                          From what I gathered, Citizen Araine and Citizen Tucker were fishing by the lake when an interesting discovery was made. I'm asking that all citizens please be aware and cautious when fishing. If any "discoveries" are made during a fishing trip, please report them immediately to a Recruit or myself, Dominique.
                          You are advised not to touch these bodies, for it's crucial due to cross contamination.

                          Thank you for your time Citizens and continue your productive days.


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                            I was going to make a new one if these but though some people might like re-reading our old news. I know it was a nice refresher for me.

                            There will be a dart contest this Friday at 20:00 at the top of the pyramid. Please come join us for darts and drinks!

                            Current prize is a tiny green chicken! But I am open to other options. Let me know what you might like to see.


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                              Today on Month 8, Day 3
                              While lounging in the lobby citizens heard a loud alarm go off. Captain Azura went to check the green and discovered a large anomaly in the mushroom forest.She then proceeded to collect the citizens waiting in the lobby. Citizens Malice and Ariel tried to produce movement from it but were unable to. It is currently under research and being watched by Captain Azura. If you notice anything while within the green or mushroom forest please alert the nearest official. For more information please feel free to ask on your local com channel.


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                                A new statue or being has arrived in front of the pod. It does not respond to many things thus far but there was a incident with a rock. Please check Via com for more information but use all caution while out hunting near there.