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    Today while participating in Task Tuesday all awake Alphainians were bombarded by some strange....rambling in our heads. Myself, Tavi, Josi, Malice and Engineer Kyrble then meet Captain Azura in the green to discover that the gaint black pod was now a fully dimensal pyramid and the large watchman statue was now glowing and we seemed capable of understanding him.

    As always please be cautious in the Green and see you follow citizens for more information.


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      Today on the 8th month, 21rst day, while we were enjoying some time in the lobby Med-Tech Josi and I were startled by what was previously referred to as "The Watchmen" and are now known as "Technoid Alliance' taking over the emitter and delivering a message. We then proceeded to head to the green to check on our Pyramid. We were quickly joined by Malice, Bio engineer Ariel, Captain Azura and Operator Sally We proceeded to discuss the video once Operator Sally was able to show the video to everyone.

      Later on Operator Sally brought us LH, the translator robot who explained many things about the Technoid Alliance. I am currently attempting to transfer his knowledge into tablets so I can pass them out to any who wish to know more. As of right now, please see a fellow citizen for more details on what we learned.

      Also of note - Bio Engineer Ariel was able to clear the vines and growth from the dome on the third floor Hydroponics lab so we should now be able to see the moon! Please check it out and send her your thanks!


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        Month 8 Day 22

        There was an impromptu social gathering in the hydroponics area of Delta. Activities included fishing, scavenging and tomfoolery. Attendees included myself, Veronica, Octavia, Malice, Josiline and Kryble. It was a wonderfully fun time discussing current events and exchanging stories. We all look forward to future events such as this and hope to see even more attendees!


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          Citizen Sightings
          On the 23rd day of the 8th month the following reawakened people have been seen:



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            So this is gonna be a two part-er

            On the night of the first party we were graced with a multitude of peoples - Operator Sally, Administrator Brennan, Doctor Anselm, Ariel, Tavi, myself, Marcus and Araine. Citizen Octavia made a multitude of delicious food including jelly beans, cake, salmon and steak! We also were gifted a generous amount of liquor for the event from operator Sally. She also provided us with a spectacular light and sound that made it look like the moon was whole again! The party went long into the night!

            Today's solar party was much more relaxed but was graced by the lovely citizens of Alpha such as Engineer Kyrble, Marcus, Malice, Octavia, Med-Tech Josi and myself. This party only just recently ended as we talked about multiple subjects and enjoyed the presence of each others company. Once again Tavi outdid herself with a super yummy lemonade, bacon burger and a strawberry salad....and cake! We spent many hours talking about our colony, our wants and some possible excursion we might want to do in the future.

            We look forward to seeing you at these parties in the future! If you have a specific time you can attend or some particular event you might like please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to seeing you in the colony!


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              Good afternoon, citizens.

              This afternoon we had another visit from the watchman. He produced...wondrous things. Please seek out a follow citizen to learn more and find out the best ways to help your colony prepare!


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                A brief congratulations to Citizen Kell for winning the rabbit hunting contest today! Thank you to everyone that joined in and also everyone that welcomed back this lovely citizen from stasis!