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    Nao stepped into the caves mouth, Kingsley training his rifle over her shoulder as they closed in on what appeared to be a dog. The odd green beagle was perched neatly beside a large cocoon.

    On inspection It measures at least a meter and a half in length and half as much in width. The extremely tough shell of this cocoon is green, with pulsating red veins throughout. It has a shape similar to a giant peanut and is very tough and thick.

    Nao knelt beside it, running her hands over the shell , her pistol resting to her side. The beagle abruptly began to wag its tail and pant, as if waiting for something, excited. Kingsley and Nao stepped back, taking a knee... waiting.

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    Nao made her wave into the Caves. Atypical day on the green. She watched Tucker and Samorne Fish, even did a little herself. For a moment Tucker seemed distracted glancing over his shoulder looking back at the entry to the chamber. Curiosity finally getting the better of her, Nao stepped away, both men along with her, back into the antechamber, where the site of a now brown, and open cocoon took them all aback. Panic entered the area, Tucker began to scan the chamber, weapon in hand, while Nao stepped closer, inspecting the cocoon. All at once something dripped from the cocoon, quickly disappearing into the shadows. The Trio gathered closer to each other looking out across the chamber. For a moment it felt as though something had brushed Nao's leg. Here eyes closed as she released her voice"Tu-" that's all she got out before her leg went numb. The two men quickly gathered her up, something green slipping off into the shadows again.

    The race to get back to the train station was hectic, Tucker carried Nao as the two men rushed for safety.

    Back in Alpha they pushed her into a treatment station, watching as the probes and needles work through her, puncturing black skin, mending as it studied. A clean bill of health, but her leg was still numb. Tucker was all at once furious, just barely putting himself through the station before making toward the door. He told Samorne to keep Nao there, saying he would "deal" with it alone. Nao however was too stubborn to let him go, so she followed. Samorne remained trying to reason with them both. Nao and Tucker, much to Tuckers dismay were now on their way -back- to the green.

    Upon reaching their destination Tucker and Noa made their way out, Nao limping as they returned to the cave. There was nothing, silence and darkness...and then a scream. Rushing out into the woods they searched for the owner of the bloodcurdling noise, and finally found it...or her.
    Crouched over a hole in the ground was a figure, Pale skin curvy woman, naked as the day she was hatched, but something was wrong. He skin -wasn't- was coated in a green sheen, and her eyes were as white as death.
    Tucker seems to stop breathing for a moment before he let out a name" Kalli?" She seemed to have difficulty talking, telling them "My throat " . Nao kept coming back to the hole she was digging"Tucker, that's not Her..." Nao wasnt sure how she knew, she just felt it. The Being quickly covered the hole and stood, walking toward Nao. Se came within an inch of Nao's face, eyes still dead. She sniffed twice, like an animal, before finally saying. "One of us" A smile playing over her lips. She then turns and walked toward the west..."I sleep now" . Noa's mind was on fire, Tucker hadn't heard what she said. In what seem to her to be a haze she knelt and cried, pushing her fists into the moist ground , repeatedly ripping at the soil, her hands like claws as she widened the hole. Tucker again furious, with tears in his eyes knelt beside her. "What are you doing?" He asked repeatedly, Nao just dug and then there is was...something in the ground. Tucker began to help,and the two dug for what seemed to be forever. Finally Tucker sat back eyes wide, tears streaming as Nao collapsed. There before them was a Human torso shredded, flayed beyond that arms, a foot, a leg...and a head, a female body, torn asunder....
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      Nao was still confused. Stasis had been difficult to wake from, and even as she sat behind the couch hiding, nibbling her roll she considered if she would ever get a memory back that made any sense. She eyed the roll, and wanted to call it by its proper name, but all she could manage was "Crystal Bowl". She was at least content that most of her brain was thawed, but some words were still mysterious
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        from numpy import exp, array, random, dot
        training_set_inputs = array([[0, 0, 1], [1, 1, 1], [1, 0, 1], [0, 1, 1]])
        training_set_outputs = array([[0, 1, 1, 0]]).T
        synaptic_weights = 2 * random.random((3, 1)) - 1
        for iteration in xrange(10000): output = 1 / (1 + exp(-(dot

        Britt sat staring at the screen of his handheld, the cursor taunting him, reaching aside to collect his mug of coffee,
        sucking it down briefly before returning it to the floor beside him. The blanket draped over
        his head blocked out the light from the massive panoramic window of his messy little living room.
        He ruffle his hair and reached up to fling the blanket off, onto the sofa nearby. He drug his
        glow-tinged, deep green eyes from his screen and peered out at the world beyond the window.
        He rose and began to wander around his aprtment locating clothing , piece by piece until he was dressed.
        He peered again at the screen and shut down his program, leaving the command unfinished, purposefully, as he composed
        himself, slapping on a fake morning smile before heading toward the door.


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          Greeted by the sun.

          The wind picked up slightly as a figure drops, feet first, though the swirling portal, the sand shifting in the breeze as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. The unforgiving Terisian sun was already oppressively high in the sky, and stretched out beyond lay the wastes of the past. He begin to trudge, opting to remain where the ground was solid and he didn't have to climb any unnecessary dunes. He walked only occasionally stopping to fiddle with his thermal regulator, before finally giving up and unzipping his suit part-way. His sturdy black boots scuffed against a bit of asphalt, the gritty, slippery sand underfoot making the walk more or less annoying, when one of the nearby dunes shifted, a sickly chattering sound permeating the area as a long, jointed tail rose before him. A massive brown scorpion scuttled forward, shifted side to side slightly on its legs as it reared its chitinous body, claws swiping out at him, his back-step enough at first to stay out of its reach. He whipped his left hand aside and drew his pistol, taking quick aim as he flipped his shield off. The resounding blast from his pistol rang out into the wasteland, and the scorpion buckles for a moment, skittering back and forth as if deciding if its prey was really worth the pain. Its decision unfortunately for Britt, was yes. It lurched forward to lash out with its tail, the stinger sinking solidly into Britts side, his pistol knocked from his hand as he reach up and began to pummel the prehensile appendage as it swung him to the side like a rag-doll. Britt broke free , scrambling painfully for his weapon. The Scorpion rose again and lunged at him, as Britt raised his pistol and fired in desperation.

          Its important to note that the man said
          “What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can't move, with no hope of rescue. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far. Alternatively, if life hasn't been good to you so far, which given your current circumstances seems more likely, consider how lucky you are that it won't be troubling you much longer.” Douglas Adams
          Britt lay heaving on the ground for a bit, glancing down toward his feet where the head of the scorpion now lay, charred and useless. He climbed slowly to his feet and popped a "Magic pill", the sickness in his stomach rising and falling for a moment as the world faded in and out. As a surge of energy rushed into his veins and prompted his brain to kick into gear he took a deep breath, steadying himself and collecting the specimen, lashing it to his belt haphazardly to drag it on with him. Just ahead he could see the ruins of the ancient communication array, his first stop on his trip. He spent around an hour laying under the shadow of the massive dish , staring up at the rusted , broken ladder above him, only enjoying the shade for long enough to cool off.

          Another hour of walking, the breeze taunting him every-so-often with the scent of cactus blossoms, a sweet scent, reminding him a little of one he'd left behind for this experiment. The Area 51 complex sprawled out ahead, the open hanger doors offering respite from the blazing sun, and a place for him to call home for the next week. With any luck he would be able to quickly find a place to rest, hydrate and eat.

          Britt drug the dead scorpion into the hangar, the shade already offering some relief. He dumped it at the entrance and briefly made his way through the hangar, checking room by room before deciding it was in fact clear. He ventured back to where he had left the scorpion and drug it a bit deeper, option for one of the storage rooms he'd seen previously as a base camp. Setting a small parcel of rations aside and a fresh bottle of water, he hunkered down for a meal. The chemical flavor of the rations pretending to be turkey was an experience, and will likely linger for a while, but he downed his water and collapsed the bottle to store away, just in case. He wrote his first report and sent it off, lingering briefly on a single email in his received communications list. "Memory" it said. He read it, and re-read it, smiling a bit to himself before sliding it aside , tucking the a cutesy little kitten plush he'd been given before leaving Alpha.
          "You...", he imparted to the quirky little kitten toy, " Are my pillow."

          He allowed himself to drift, shifting against the cool hard floor .


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            Britt peered out across the barren lunar landscape, the small multi-domed complex behind him resting in silence as the reflection on his visor began to grow brighter, the red-hued super giant expanding noticeably, as if sped up. With a flash there was nothing, hot gasses and chunks of spent solar matter seeming to drift around and through him as the lunar surface under his feet crumbles away like so much sand in the path of a flood. The scene sped up further until a single pinpoint of light could be seen in the black. The light grew, the ravenous black "pebble" at the center suddenly erupting as a slit of energy bounded from its core, splitting off in two directions as the resulting explosion split reality before him. The scene sped along the surrounding black began to light up, clouds of gas and dust gathering to avoid the endless onslaught of energy expelled by the quasar. He could feel the pull now, drifting toward the new center of all, and as he passed the event horizon there was just a whisper.


            Britt awoke, hair slightly damp, the cold concrete floor greeting him as he slowly hefted himself to lean against a tattered, abused parcel. He pulled the thermos from his bag and poured a single cup of still-warm coffee and tried to wake up, but the coffee held no answers so he climbed to his feet and walked out, to greet the morning sun. He peered up, goggles down and keeping him from going blind. Watching for a moment the sun begins to change, turning a red hue and then speeding along until it began to expand. Britt widened his eyes and began to run, through the sand, over the dunes and to the portal. But the portal was gone. All that remained was the mapping sensor. He made his way hastily toward the pyramid but as he neared its location...nothing.

            He stepped back and stumbled to his knees. pressing his palms int the burgundy carpet of his office.

            “Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”

            Britt glanced aside at himself, sitting there in a comfortable chair at his desk, smugly sipping a fresh cup of coffee.

            "Douglas Adams, really? -You can do better than that" Britt climbed to his feet again and leaned back against the locked door.

            "Why do -you- think youre here?", Bizarro Britt asked

            "I was made...manufactured, grown...just like you." Britt countered

            The other Britt chuckled lowly and shook his head, "You really think you and I are anything alike?"

            Britt squinted at Bizarro Britt and gradually his eyes adjusted, the figure seemed to pixelize and fade, before quickly shifting, changing, as it spoke"You exist because I exist, we exist because someone wanted us to, its that simple, reality, time, space, its all relative. What does time or space mean to a grain of sand...nothing...and thats what we are...nothing.

            Britt pushed away from the door"Whats this part of the "void" thing?"

            The now faceless entity tilted its head and lifted on shifting, changing finger. It pointed him back at the door. As it slithered from the chair and stood it was once again Britt."Youre not paying attention...Do you ever?- Or would it be easier if I gave you a singularity to leap into...

            Britt scoffed quietly"I get it...youre guilt mn? - Im guilty because Im away, because I took time to straighten my head out, you're here to make me feel worse?

            Bizarro Britt softened his gaze, his glowing, blue tinged eyes resting on Britt now, "You think its me?- Its not Me...Britt...Its you."

            A voice came, mingled with others, the combined harmony of every colonist pushing through the lips of Bizarro Britt "Get up...wake up"
            The being shifted again, now a mass of weaving particles, black and strange as billions of nanites seemed to swirl around in an intricate dance, like larks playing in the winds.
            He backed up and as his shoulder-blades brushed the door he could feel his feet sinking. He stumbled backward and landed flat on his ass in the sand again. Glancing around himself the desert shifted in quiet innocence. His eyes rose to stare at the sun again, just in time to see it implode.

            As his atoms were pulverized by radiation and matter slipped from him like drifting dust from an old book blown by an angry child, Britt awoke. The cold hard floor under him no kinder in this iteration than the last. He pushed himself to his feet and grabbed a serum from his bag, limping to the old tattered parcel on the floor to get water. Sitting himself down he pulled the remnants of one scorpion stinger from his leg and jammed the syringe directly into the wound. Leaning his head back against the parcel he reached aside and collected the cold cup of coffee he had poured yesterday.

            The echo of the voice, the rumbling of the universe passing through him, it all lingered. And so there he sat staring quietly unto the shadowy storage room as he began to plan his day.
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              Britt awoke to the sound of birds in the distance, and the gentle crashing waves against the jagged rocks of the strange coast. Violet tinted water lapped at the black sand and he began to pul himself up from the packed wet sand. Staggering aside to one of the massive obsidian boulders that littered the beach he leaned for a bit, pulling a serum from his leg bag and jamming it into his thigh. As the fluid within drained into his veins and his wounds became to seal over with freshly forming flesh he struck out, limping donw the coast toward what looked like a dome nestled into the red and blue tree-line. As he neared he could feel his shoulders roll and crack, a pain jutting through his body from nose to toes as he doubled over, mere meters from the sealed entry hatch of a massive blackened steel dome.

              The sound of his bones shifting and rolling and cracking within brought whatever was in Britt's stomach to revisit the world, before his throat cracked and a scream rose from his chest, but as soon as it reached his lips it was silent, as if muted on purpose. Finally lurching forward he sunk two massive hands , contorted and strange, into the surrounding black sand. Talons pushing through the material of his boots dug into the sand as he caught barest glimpse of a contorted, otherworldly creature peering back at him from a puddle of standing sea water left by the tides. He backpedaled tripping and landing on his back , as his suit continued to rip from his form.

              With a start he awoke, the sound of humming in another room, the smell of fresh coffee and bacon sizzling on an open griddle lured him to his feet. He lackadaisically strolled into the kitchen, glimpses of one of his shirts draped over feminine form, the scent of cherry-blossoms drifting through the air now dominating the room. Glancing around there was no pan, no bacon, and no coffee. He began to wonder if he was dreaming again, if he had woken into ...

              With a crash and boom the station shook, Britt tumbling from his rack and already scrambling to push his feet into his boots as other personnel run two-and-fro down the outer passage of the ring, yelling frantically for aid, as others barked orders and called for everyone to remain calm and head toward the life pods. Britt darted down the passage toward Operations and nearly collided with Kryble, who was mumbling to him ...important words..but Britt couldn't understand him, so he continued, checking screens as the doors slid open with a labored swish. He began to punch up the screens, noting ruptures all along the north arch. He looked up as another wave of radiation burst from the white dwarf on the central screen. As the coms went static, the screams were silenced, and there was only a ringing in his ears. As the seemingly white wave pulsed through the station it began to disassemble everything, atom by atom. He could feel his skin sliding from his bones as he awoke...

              Britt stared at the ceiling for a moment, reaching aside and drawing the carbon black wolf-fur blanket back over him, the sofa holding him like a lost child as he tried to reconcile whether he was in fact awake or not this time...
              "Who knows..."A voice from no-where.

              Britt squinted and glanced aside at the man lounging in one corner, sipping tea and watching the colony from the window, glow-tinged deep blue eyes reflected in the glass.
              "I get the feeling you do..."he all but accused the man, who was decidedly familiar.
              The man turned, and once more Britt was faced with himself, though not, as this man appeared older, with a scar running across his chin and slightly faded copper-and grey hair.
              "You have to understand, if I know it...then you know it...haven't you figured that out yet?"

              Britt scoffed faintly and tugged his blanket over himself anew, like a fitful child who refuses to get up for school."Riddles, puzzles, half-truths and're just a figment of my imagination brought on by too much coffee or not enough booze before bed..." He glanced back at the corner, but the man was gone.
              Britt then closed his eyes and demanded to his brain audibly"Wake up..."
              The room was still silent....and no sudden surge came, no satisfying sequence shift, no fade to black, no one yelled cut. He sat in silence for a while, staring at the corner, glimpsing out the window...but he wasnt waking up.
              He was already awake.
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                Britt leaned forward, pressing his head to the cool tiles of his shower unit, the hot water cascading down his body as he opened his eyes, peering into the little mirror in front of him, his glow-tinged , deep green eyes reflected back. A band called the pixies played through hs headset, amplified by the glass he'd jammed it into, begging over and over "Where is my mind".

                He pushed away and slipped through the panel to the right of him, stepping out of the shower, which clicked off and bid him"Have a nice day". He smirked and grabbed the headset, slipping it over his still dripping head as he made his way to his den, the typical clutter decorating the sofa , and the panther figurine resting on top of his makeshift "parcel table" stared at him with no sign of blush. He crossed the room selecting the coffee cup from the same parcel table as he walked to the windows, peering out at the colony. The hustle and bustle of people below was at first confusing, several ships zipping by on their way to where-ever. As he sipped the cold, day old coffee he pressed his palm to the window, the slightest vibration from somewhere in the room breaking his focus. Stepping back he ducked into the closet and grabbed a pair of trousers, stepping into them and quickly doing up the buttons as he crossed into the bedroom.

                He murmured "Com on" and his brain was instantly inundated with voices, wishing happy afternoons and quipped commentary. He tapped his wrist and with a flash of light was downstairs in his gear room, the cool blue light brightening as he appeared, locks disengaging on the locker and racks. He carefully put himself together, strapping bits of kevlar armor to his shins and forearms before hooking into his rig, the arm mounted computer whirred to life, several connection pins abruptly injecting themselves into his arm, the display coming up before his eyes. He was in meetings all day, just as well, he thought. He hooked his "professor" badge to his chest and carried on with his routine.

                He glimpsed aside at the mirror, his glow-tinged deep blue eyes peering back at him, a smirk on his lips as he focused on coms anew.


                A rush of memory floods back and he staggers to the side, glancing around at the mostly cluttered living room, the kitchen step a few feet away. He squinted and looked around, his handheld precariously dangling from his fingertips. As he began to realize he was awake...standing...and dressed .


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                  Britt slipped out of VR, his body abruptly reminding him he needed to eat, and move. He carefully rose and staggered beleaguered to the kitchen. Opening the fridge he grabbed a slice of cold pizza and wandered back out, food dangling from between his teeth as Science ran in circles around the living room yapping at the air as if trying to catch something. The room was stale, and it seemed like the environmental regulators were off entirely. He squinted and backpedaled, opening the fridge and peering into it. No light. Either the penguin was dead or the power was.

                  He gathered his pistol and slipped through the door of the apartment, jamming his thumb against the elevator button repeatedly before remembering that he was in fact an idiot, and that elevators run on power.
                  He tapped behind his ear and muttered"Colonies...whats going on with the power?"

                  No reply.

                  He wandered back to his apartment and began to rifle through a tattered pack, plucking a small triangular device from within. Tapping it once he murmured"Alpha" , and as the light began to surround him he glance at the window, but not in time.

                  Outside the landscape burned, a massive sphere blocking out the sky, rivulets of oily fluid raining down against the window. As his vision faded and then popped back in a bright flash, he felt the ground move from under him. Of course there was no ground. He tumbled several feet into a blackened pit that landed him halfway in the lower gymnasium area. The resulting crash sent the ballast of a previously hanging light into the eastern wall, where it bounced and swung back at him. The secondary blow sent him falling backwards against a climbing wall. Muttering blackly he found his footing and began to climb, conveniently standing at the top of the false rock wall and hooking his fingers to the floor above.

                  As he pulled himself up he could see more blast damage, and crawling onto the floor of the lobby , across the singed carpet to steady ground he could smell the telltale scent of burnt flesh, and still burning plastic. His eyes widened as he again tapped his coms.

                  "Alpha come in???" He paused, waiting for a reply.
                  A few moments pass
                  "Delta do you copy?", again he waited, but for nothing, as his call received no reply.

                  He drug himself to the door and pushed the crooked busted frame aside, staggering out onto the path. Before him the colony still burned, the dome cracked and leaking atmosphere into the the colony's previously protected environment. He began to walk, quickly heading up the pathway toward the science building. As he turned the corner, and just as he was passing the charred facade of the medical center , he spotted it.

                  The crater was around the size of the science building, and chunks of plastisteel and glass littered the path. He stared for a moment and then began to scramble forward, finally reaching panic as the edge of the crater rushed to his feet. At the center of the crater he could see a shape, a person, and so he began to descend, sliding most of the way down on loose gravel and chunks of debris. He ducked under a fallen I-beam and slide to his knees as he came to a stop before the figure. There laying in the dirt, and still smoking was a man. He reached out and tried to brush some of the soot from his face. The man opened his Glow-tinged deep green eyes and looked up His torn voice, broken and burnt by the blast , pushed out past his cracked lips.

                  "You...are supposed to be dead" The charred man spoke.

                  Britt cocked his eyebrow and smirked at the charred man and responded"

                  "Oh Britt, you failed to recognize that I was never alive...not until you gave me life..." The glow-tinged deep blue eyed man began to stand, peering down at the charred remains of his creator.

                  He glimpsed aside as if he heard something, gesturing with his right hand as the scene faded and became a clear blue sky, once again floating in the ether, before tucking himself away, to hide and watch.

                  Several pixels suddenly flashed to life, gathering in a mass until they take the shape of Britt. He glances around and nods to himself slowly.
                  "I'm going to work in here all the time" He promised himself, before disengaging and flickering out of existence once more.



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