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Reboots: Marrach, Lazarus, Lovecraft, Auth Server on Thursday, Friday [Complete]

On Thursday morning at 11am PT, I will be taking down the following games to upgrade them:
  • Castle Marrach
  • Lazarus Sleeping
  • Lovecraft Country
Then, on Friday morning at 11am PT I will be taking down our authentication machine:
  • User Database
Apologies for the short notice, but it's in response to a security bulletin related to the virtual machine software that these games and servers are on. We've already upgraded the rest of our machines to a new virtual machine which has thus far been less prone to security problems, and we're taking the opportunity to update these final machines in advance of a forced reboot over the weekend.

Each upgrade timeframe is expected to be an hour or less. I expect to be able to do memory upgrades for these machines at the same time.

Edit: Thursday morning upgrades for Lazarus, Lovecraft, and Marrach are now complete. The machines have also been upgraded from 2G of memory to 4G.

Edit: Friday morning upgrade now done as well, complete with upgrade of user authentication machine.

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All SkotOS Maps Updated; Please Report Bugs

In the last several days I've updated the way that all the game maps are stored for Ironclaw, Lazarus, Lovecraft, and Marrach, to make it possible for our admins and GMs to add new maps and map fragments to our games. Everything is working from my browsing, but I've heard a few reports of missing maps in Marrach (which may or may not have predated the update).

If any maps seem to have gone missing in those four SkotOS games, please let me know. If you see a broken map or map fragment where the image isn't showing up:

1. Open the image in a new tab (usually by right-clicking and choosing this option from a menu)
2. Copy the URL of the image from the URL bar
3. Email that URL to me at
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New First Aid Book

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  • New First Aid Book

    New First Aid Book

    As study for medical I decided to give myself the work of creating a book
    on First Aid made available for the citizens of Alpha Colony.

    Please feel free to take a look at your leisure and let me know if there's anything I missed.

    A productive citizen is a happy citizen.


    To all citizens who are unaware of the writing tablet's properties,
    you may load books added to the database onto your very own!

    Tip: say to tablet 'Help'

    --# Vesper #--

    --#~ Vesper ~#--

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    i cant understand
    Play a game and win i Phone 4s


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      You wold have recieved a tablet in the governmet welcome box that was located in your apartment. The welcome box contains many useful items in it, such as the tablet, a handheld computer, additional cloting items and a law book.
      First Patient of Mendus
      Manchester's 'Accident Prone' Patient

      SPCade "And by we I mean Nyx"
      PL: Fionn (Fionnghuala)
      CM: Finella
      ICO: Thera
      LC: Belle Griffin

      The Underground Starts Here!