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Attention Alpha Colony Citizens - Employment Opportunities

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  • Rah-Rah
    Advisor Talbot,

    Please check your messages.

    -Citizen Tela

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  • Attention Alpha Colony Citizens - Employment Opportunities

    An important message for all citizens of Alpha colony follows:

    Citizens. If you seek gainful employment to better serve your colony your First Advisor will take this time to provide vital governmental information.

    The following departments are currently seeking productive citizens to fulfill vital colony functions:

    Maintenance - upkeep of colony infrastructure and cleanliness (Point of contact: Talbot)
    Government - assist your fellow citizens with social events and necessary paperwork or reporting on colony activities (Point of contact: Talbot)
    Animal Exhibit - maintain and provide care for animals for the colony's enjoyment (Point of contact: Channing, Draven, Talbot)
    Ministry of Security* - enforce colony laws and maintaining civil order (Point of contact: Talbot, Callum)
    Ministry of Science - enjoy a career in the sciences studying many broad fields such as biology, neurology, and thermodynamics
    -Mendus* (Point of contact: Swan)
    -General Studies (Point of contact: Talbot)

    *Citizens applying for these positions must display exemplary behavior, critical thinking, and psychological stability. Employment is not guaranteed.

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