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  • Laws of Alpha Colony

    Attention Alpha colony citizenry!

    It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Security that not all citizens are familiar with the laws and regulations of the colony. For clarification I provide you the following:

    General Laws of Alpha colony

    All newly grown citizens of Alpha have been pre-imprinted with the regulations for the colony. However, if someone tries to bypass their pre-imprinted list of rules and common sense, the Ministry of Security is in charge of helping this information take precedence again.

    Newly hatched citizens, under 30 days of age, are considered underaged and susceptible to be influenced. To help all newly hatched citizen become well integrated with society, any romantic relationships of any kind, as well as physical or subjective requests and allusions are strictly prohibited, and this between underaged citizens and between underaged and older citizens.
    Underaged citizens should not be looking for these types of interactions with other underaged citizens or with older citizens, or will be regarded as precocious. If a precocious citizen is found, they will be first informed of the law. If they persist, they must be put in a cell for a week, for their own protection. If the behavior persist, they must be put in a cell for a period of a month.
    Older citizens are strictly forbidden to encourage underaged citizens to practice any of the above mentioned activities, and this openly or insidiously. There will be no warning for older citizens. Any older citizen caught doing any of those crimes, whether it be as a joke or seriously, will be considered defective. The first offense will result in one week of imprisonment. More offenses will result in one month of imprisonment. If the defective criminal persists, it could result in long term Mendus internment.

    If anyone is given a warning by a member of the Ministry of Security, be aware that it begins to count against you. After three warnings you will be considered showing signs of disorderly conduct.

    If anyone is proven of showing signs of disorderly conduct -- meaning lacking respect for caretakers and officials in the colony (including officers of the law), nudity in public places, or other behavior deemed unruly, they will be fined 7% of the value of their total property plus receive a type 1 session of reprogramming.

    If anyone is found guilty of abusing the neural com, they will be fined. The public channel is offered as a courtesy of the Alpha Government. It is allowed to briefly greet one another and find a place to meet, to inform Citizens of official matters, and to help newly hatched Citizens with questions they might have. Any other exchanges should be done using other means, such as e-mail, phones, or meeting in person. Fining can occur at any time after com recordings have been reviewed by an official com monitoring official. Fining will remain at the discretion of the monitoring official. Repeat offenders might get bigger fines. Be advised that abuse of this device will result in deactivation. Major brain surgery will be required for all abusers, causing extreme pain and loss of mental function.

    If anyone is proven to have stolen goods, they will be forced to return the stolen items and pay a fine of 5% of the value of their total property, plus receive a type 1 session of reprogramming.

    If anyone is guilty of grand theft, defined as stealing objects worth a value of 5000 credits or greater, they will be forced to return the stolen items and pay a fine of 8% of the value of their total property plus receive a type 2 session of reprogramming.

    If anyone is proven guilty of assault, they will be forced to pay a fine of 10% of their current property value. In addition, they will go through a type 2 session of reprogramming.

    Murder, treason, crimes against the state, and signs of cannibalism will bypass any of these guidelines and the perpetrator will be sent directly to the Mendus Institute.

    Repeat offenders will be fined at an incremental rate of 5%, and may face additional reprogramming and/or brain surgery. If the offender reaches a type 3 session or has to be arrested more than 3 times, they will be put in jail until they can bail themselves out. If the offender needs particular attention and does not show signs of improvement, they will be sent to the Mendus Institute.

    All criminals may be jailed for an indeterminate amount of time, at the discretion of the Ministry of Security.

    General Laws covered under Govt. Ordinance #510.

    In addition to these regulations, orders and instructions from Ministry of Security personnel is to be considered a law or regulation. That is to say it is to be followed to the letter otherwise potential reprogramming, incarceration, or other suitable punishment will be dispensed.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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