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Favorite Lazarus Moments - Contest Thread

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  • Favorite Lazarus Moments - Contest Thread

    Everyone put your favorite moments here for the new contest thread staff announced in game today!

    Now, since Ariel is a long-time-resting-so-is-basically-a-new-soul to the Colony, her "moments" are limited. I'm pretty sure, however, that this will remain one of the favorites I've had as a player.

    Ariel is only a few missions in, and recently received one to obtain venom from a number of spiders in the sewers. As we know, at the moment the sewers are closed up, which had Ariel a bit down. She was excited to get through another mission and earn those creds! Maybe a bit too excited, as vocal-Ariel often speaks before thinking, the powers-that-be must have thought a lack of spiders was a "problem to solve"

    In comes the spider invasion of Alpha's new year. First Ariel and Josiline were attacked by a couple of spiders, which they quickly dispatched. Then, in came the larger ones, along with Araine, who unfortunately fell with us in the ensuing battle.

    Thankfully, the three were dragged to safety by an adorable human that Ariel quickly latched onto, and rest was had in the stations.

    Ariel, determined to obtain that venom, wants to patrol for any more spiders that might be invading, and brings her new human friend Evalyn along. They run into a pair of smaller spiders, and Evalyn dashes behind Ariel, who proceeds to attempt tanking the pair on her own. She almost takes down one, before dropping to their mad-spider-skills. Evalyn wakes her conscious and they dash off to safety once more, before the spiders go back to their hiding spots. Ariel learns a valuable lesson that day: Be careful what you wish for.

    Oh, and she got venom from one of the stragglers who made the mistake of hiding in the tea shop. A team of spider-hungry metas plus one human made them regret that day!

    This story took very little staff involvement, aside from a VP and of course the invasion, yet it produced such a fantastic story that I'll always remember Thanks everyone involved, and I can't wait to create more!
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    Araine has been snoozing for a long time, so I don't really have many recent ones yet. But I do remember a lot of fond ones I had years ago.

    I still laugh about this one. I don't remember exactly how this started, but Chearmari and Araine were chasing Cheyla. He undoubtedly did something wrong and Mari was trying to arrest him, while Araine was along for the ride. I just remember them finding him in the Pyramid Eatery and he brandished a "polycarbonate knife". One of us yelled, "Watch out! He's got a knife!" We were strategically trying to apprehend him without getting stabbed until we realized he just bought an eating utensil kit and was waving around a plastic knife. I have a lot of really good memories involving Cheyla. He was crazy lol.

    I have another, similar one from when Araine was just hatched. Her and Mari (they did a lot together lol) were in the lobby. Ving came down and was holding a gun, because everyone has guns all the time. Well they had no idea about guns. They leapt behind the sofa screaming, 'He has a gun!" and hid back there. Ving just carried on with himself. Now Araine is inseparable from her gun.

    Good times. I'm really glad people are around more and I look forward to making new memories with you guys!


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      Those are great memories! Ariel stole mine, but I've got another one loaded and ready! ;p

      After healing from the spider attack, the group went to the tea room to relax with chocolate when their new human friend Evalyn invites them for a girls night sleepover in her room. They all agreed and got together later that night eager and ready to wine down. In total were their host Evalyn along with Ariel, Josiline, Ginger, and Isobel. Together they drank, ate candy, conversed, and Evalyn made them new clothing to wear. Just as the event began to die down, things slowly go wrong. Josiline notices that her friends are suddenly staggering which she at first assumes is because of the alcohol, however, when they start to fall unconscious at the same time she knew this was not normal. Using her smelling salts, she brought them back just before she herself fell. When Ariel woke her up also using smelling salts, they were all wounded and barely able to take in the air as they staggered to exit knowing they needed to leave the room.

      As they struggled to reach the door, an invisible blow was given to them all knocking some down and gasping for air. Isobel and Evalyn managed to get free, but Ginger, Josiline, and Ariel were now at the mercy of a large, manipulative shadow. As Josiline desperately tried to remain conscious, foreign thoughts invaded her mind causing her to question her new friend, Ariel. That she woke at the same time as the shadow started to attack and that maybe Josiline was with the threat of the colony all along. Her thoughts were confirmed when tendrils of shadow started coming from Ariel's body in a threatening way. How could Josiline have been so foolish to not see that this small girl pretending to be a friend was the shadow the terrorized her home? She knew what she had to do, with her gun raised she shot Ariel without thinking twice. Ariel cried out and tried to plead, but Josiline knew better now to not trust this... thing. Ariel began pointing at Josiline and talking to Ginger as tendrils of shadow licked over her skin, despite Josiline's warning to put her hand down. Josiline knew in her heart that Ariel would do something terrible, so she acted first and shot Ariel until she fell.

      Then, as if a blanket was lifted from her mind the doubt and the shadow was gone. She had now realized that Ariel was not her enemy and that she fell victim to the shadow's influence just like all the others. Josiline gathered her limp friend and rushed to the exit with Ginger where they met Isobel and ran to the medical station, but not before blaming the attack on Princess, the cat who arrived the Alpha Colony out of the blue. Once they were all healed and discussed the events, Josiline was forgiven for her actions by everyone except herself. She knows if she ever has the chance, she will take down this shadow or die to trying.


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        Being Malice, any day was bound to be exciting. Where would I even begin? The part where a crazy became a guard for the crazy house? The part where he got his eye plucked out and ate by a failed hatchling? Mining laser wars in the med facility that ended up in another citizen with a burnt out cheek? Oooooor maybe the best times were luring octopi while slapping his ass at the water while yelling loudly. Who knows?
        This is they crazy may know him as Malice or that insane idiot thats about to jump in front of the train...whats that mother? That light isnt heaven and I -should- go to it? Ok!!

        Malice (how the crazies will see him)


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          I don't remember much from before I awoke from my apparently years-long slumber but from the short time I've been back in Alpha my favourite most recent memory was when I was lounging in the PAC lobby with Ginger, Peajay and Araine waiting for Ginger to seamstress some amazing boots for our favourite new puss Princess. Suddenly we all saw a flicker of a shadow above us; a feeling of something imposing over us that quickly vanished. We mostly dismissed it and went back to discussing other strange happenings in Alpha lately and then Dizzy and Princess both became agitated and before we all knew it we all had our rifles and weapons raised, pointed at each other! As Ginger screamed, I fought my urge to shoot Araine through tears and looking around the room I realized we all were being influenced by something beyond our control. Cooler heads prevailed and almost as quickly as the urge hit us it fled as well, leaving us all in a state of shock and overwhelming fear, gripping our chests with despair. I loved this moment because I could literally feel the tension of the situation!

          Cade looks forward to making more memories with everyone!


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            I'm really loving these posts so far! Keep up the good work!
            ::The Lazarus Project::
            :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::


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              Thank you to everyone who participated. You will be contacted in-game soon!
              ::The Lazarus Project::
              :::::The future of Mankind awaits you::::::


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                I know the contest is over and all but I was going back through the old Funny Laz Moments and couldn't help but bring this back up xD

                Originally posted by Fionnghuala View Post
                Lately Malice has been reminding us over com to tap our bracelets, at least once a day...

                21:00 [Com|Fionn] "Maaalice??? What time is it?"
                > Monique glances at a digital wall clock.
                > 21:01 [Com|Malice] "How moment"
                > 21:01 [Com|Malice] "21:01 according to my annoying beetle"
                You grin lopsidedly.
                21:01 [Com|Fionn] "Oh, so it is not time to tap my bracelet then?"
                > Monique taps a commerce bracelet.
                Monique taps her red metallic bracelet.
                > 21:01 [Com|Malice] "No but ask again and it might be"
                > 21:01 [Com|Med-Tech Monique] "Thanks for the reminder!"
                > 21:04 [Com] "Malice waits for you to ask again.."
                > 21:04 [Com|Med-Tech Monique] "What time is it?"
                > OOC -- Yeil says, "Back."
                21:05 [Com|Fionn] "Maaalice? What time is it?"
                > Yeil taps a commerce bracelet. The words 'Please wait until a later time to request your rations credit' flash upon the bracelet.
                > 21:05 [Com|Malice] "Time to..listen to me sing! I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my coat, too sexy for my pants. So sexy I tap my bracelet!"
                > Yeil considers his commerce bracelet and Monique's commerce bracelet contagiously.
                > Yeil blinks confusedly.
                > OOC -- Yeil says, "That was so OOC but hilarious."
                > 21:07 [Com] "Med-Tech Monique snickers helplessly."
                This is they crazy may know him as Malice or that insane idiot thats about to jump in front of the train...whats that mother? That light isnt heaven and I -should- go to it? Ok!!

                Malice (how the crazies will see him)


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                  So I've had this pin for the longest time - 2004 in fact - given to me by my late grandfather when the company hired an employer, I never thought of anything. I need homepage for her. Until my next visits to the airport (DL) over the years. I just realized it was not selling at all again then. Maybe it is the end of the edition?



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